Exploring SIEM solution providers? Look no further than Gurucul's cybersecurity analytics platform.
Level up to a proactive, risk-oriented TDIR program.

Empower your SOC team and elevate your threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) efforts with the Gurucul dynamic security analytics platform. Designed with an open, flexible architecture and informed by an intelligent data fabric, only Gurucul gives analysts a comprehensive view of complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Using advanced data science and AI-driven analytics, SOC teams can identify true threats and accurately quantify risks—meaning they can detect, investigate, and respond faster.  

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Reduce Mean Time to Detect True Threats

The Gurucul platform dramatically cuts signal-to-noise and effectively eliminates false positives—so analysts can more accurately detect and prioritize true threats in real time.

From a unified platform, security teams can ingest, normalize, enrich, and link together all relevant data sources—and then apply advanced behavioral machine learning models to find the most critical known and unknown threats.

Accelerate Meaningful Investigations

With Gurucul, SOC teams can stop wasting time gathering context and investigating single anomalies. The native AI assistant analyzes security and non-security data and provides consolidated, contextualized reporting on all threat activity across the entire IT estate.

Analysts can perform federated searches to universally query all decentralized security and observability data—with no ingestion costs, dramatically reduced transfer costs, and complete control over sovereignty.


Reduce Mean Time to Response (MTTR)

Dynamic and automated response playbooks from the Gurucul native SOAR functionality help eliminate human error, freeing up analysts to focus on critical tasks.

All playbooks are fully customizable allowing you to determine the level of automated response based on your unique requirements, use cases, and risk tolerance. 

Powered by REVEAL: The Dynamic Security Analytics Platform

REVEAL is the visionary security platform that delivers radical clarity into your cyber risk and drastically reduces data costs. It’s a unified suite of capabilities and tools that uncover true threats and quantify risks in real-time—regardless of the data source, across the entire IT estate.

REVEAL gives security teams the visibility, focus, and perspective they need to outpace threats and focus on what matters most.

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