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Still Looking at SIEM?

Take security beyond SIEM with Behavior Based Security Analytics

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A Behavior Based Security Analytics product can do a lot of what a SIEM can do, but it does a whole lot more. It’s important to understand the differences between a SIEM and Security Analytics:

Rules vs. Machine Learning Algorithms: With a SIEM, you write rules and queries to find specific data. You have to know what you’re looking for. What about the unknowns? Our analytics is powered by over 1400 robust machine learning models built by data scientists. Our models go beyond detecting known or common patterns, so you can detect unknown threats. Rules don’t find the deviation in patterns.

Manual Threat Hunting vs. Actionable Intelligence: SIEMs help facilitate manual threat hunting. There are not enough people in this world that can respond fast enough to mitigate today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks. You need to be able to move at machine speed and that is why Gurucul offers model driven security. We give you a machine-based reaction time to critical threats.

Transactional Alerting vs. Prioritized Risk Ranking: SEIMs generate alerts on everything that happens which is why you get a ton of false positives. Gurucul provides intelligent prioritized risk ranking on every user and entity in your organization.

Short Term Analysis vs. Historical Real-Time Analysis: SIEMS are based on short term analysis. They can’t store long term data. With Gurucul, you have access to all your data in real-time. We use historical data to deliver context to our behavior analytics.

Proprietary Data Lake vs. Open Choice of Big Data: Traditional SIEMs use a closed database. With Gurucul, you get open choice of big data. We can set our analytics right on top of your data lake – Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks – or give you Hadoop for free.

Data Driven EPS License vs. Users/Entities Monitored License: SIEMs charge based on Events Per Second (EPS). This gets expensive very quickly. Gurucul doesn’t charge based on data that we consume – we only charge for risk scoring.

Siloed Context vs. Linked Context: SIEM context is siloed. There’s no linkage between user identities, their access and their activities. There’s no linkage across applications being used over time and behavior patterns. Gurucul ingests huge volumes of data generated by user activity from disparate, even obscure and unstructured sets of data. Machine Learning is then applied simultaneously to hundreds of thousands of discrete events from multiple data sets to identify relationships that span time, place and actions. Gurucul’s artificial intelligence features link and analyze these relationships to derive “meaning” from behaviors and provide early warning detection, prediction and prevention.

Black Box Analytics vs. Open Analytics: If SIEMs have analytics, they are lightweight “black box” analytics. They are proprietary analytics completely hidden from the customer’s view. You’ll never be able to understand what’s going on and this can lead to real problems if the algorithms are not properly vetted. We offer open analytics. With Gurucul, you can actually build and develop your own machine learning models. Further, if you have data scientists in your organization, they can leverage our Software Development Kit to build their own machine learning models and import them into Gurucul Risk Analytics.

Gurucul’s risk-based Behavior Analytics delivers actionable intelligence with low false positives. Evolve your cyber security program. Request a demo of Gurucul Risk Analytics today.

Gurucul really stood out because the analytics engine was the most powerful. The machine learning algorithms are the strongest. We saw results very, very quickly.

– William Scandrett, CISO, Allina Health

Gurucul is changing the way enterprises protect themselves against insider threats, fraud, account compromise and data exfiltration in both on-premises and cloud environments. The company’s Behavior Based Security Analytics and Intelligence platform uses machine learning and predictive anomaly detection algorithms to reduce the attack surface for accounts, and to eliminate unnecessary access rights and privileges. Identify, predict and prevent breaches with Gurucul Risk Analytics.

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