Citrine Informatics Next-Gen SIEM Customer Testimonial Video

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Citrine Informatics is an ISO 27001 certified company, and continuous monitoring of its systems is one of the requirements for the maturity level of the company. Citrine had a traditional rules-based SIEM in place to analyze log data, but the solution left blind spots where there were no rules to find unknown threats. The company needed a SIEM solution with a higher level of veracity.

Bob Vail, Chief Information Security Officer at Citrine Informatics led the search for a next-generation SIEM solution that would eliminate the blind spots plaguing the monitoring process. He looked at 16 SIEM products and ultimately selected Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM because the platform’s machine learning and anomaly detection is able to discover unknown unknowns and react in real time. It also gives Citrine Informatics an understanding what is happening in the organization.

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