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Saryu Nayyar Speaks with ASIS TV

Saryu Nayyar, Gurucul CEO, Speaks with ASIS TV at Black Hat USA 2018

Watch this video to understand how Gurucul builds context around users and entities, and compares normal behavior against new activities to identify risky behavior. Gurucul dynamically creates peer groups to see how users are doing versus their peers and alerts on risky anomalous behaviors.

Context and Risk Scoring is Key to Predicting Risky Behavior

The key to predicting risky behavior is to monitor users and entities using predictive security analytics. Saryu Nayyar explains how important context and risk scoring is in determining risky behavior vs. normal behavior in this interview. She talks about how important real-time risk prioritized alerts are to minimizing “false positive” alert fatigue. Saryu also explains how Model Driven Security drives front line security controls.

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