Gurucul INSIDER value added reseller (VAR) partners will participate in the rapidly growing machine learning-based User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) market. Investments put into a Gurucul partnership create unique opportunities to differentiate through innovative Predictive Security Analytics to reduce access risks and detect unknown threats for on-premises and cloud.

Top reasons to become an INSIDER partner with Gurucul:

  • Leading Hybrid Behavior Analytics Architecture
  • Enterprise Class Solution Deployed in Global Fortune 500 Companies
  • Meets all Use-Cases & Domains for Gartner Market Guide for UEBA
  • 2016 SC Magazine “Trust Award” Award for Best Behavior Analytics
  • Enablement Framework Offering Sales, Technical and Services Training
  • Professional Services for Data Sciences, Integrations and Deployments
  • Secure Margins with Deal Registration Protection
  • Full Sales Cycle Partnership & Engagement

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The benefits of being a Gurucul Reseller are realized through award winning products.

  • Access Analytics Platform (AAP) to detect access risks, access outliers, shared HPA accounts, orphan & dormant accounts, plus reduces the attack surface area for identities with machine learning based Intelligent Roles. Reduce identity management manual processes, improve provisioning, and cleanse identity as an access plane for compliance and audits with identity access intelligence (IAI).
  • Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) deters, detects, and prevents insider threats, compromised accounts and data exfiltration with big data machine learning models providing user behavior analytics (UBA). Identity is a threat plane that modern defenses miss with signatures, rules and patterns that machine learning and dynamic peer groups uniquely uncover.
  • Cloud Analytics Platform (CAP) provides leading Access and Threat Analytics combined in an API-based CASB (Cloud Access Service Broker) deployment to monitor access and activity for identity-based access risks, unknown threats or anomalous behavior. Cloud-to-cloud connectors for popular SaaS apps ease installation and deployment to begin analytics.
  • Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) unites Access, Threat and Cloud Analytics into one platform with a web-based UI for hybrid visibility of access risks and unknown threats for on-premises and cloud. Over 150 models based on behavior and predictive machine learning leverage a customer choice for data lake or leverage GRA’s Hadoop data infrastructure. Custom model development is supported, plus risk weight tuning and policies. GRA provides roles-based access controls (RBAC), data masking and tokenization and encryption for stored data.

View the Gurucul Risk Analytics datasheet for more details.



Accunet Solutions

Accunet supports over 250 enterprise customers in commercial and federal markets.  To meet the needs of a changing technological landscape, Accunet set out to create a different kind of IT consulting and services firm. Based on building strong partnerships and lasting relationships, we created Accunet Solutions to combine cutting edge technology support with “expert-as-needed” capabilities for cost effective, measurable results.

We provide the on-demand expertise and support our clients need to keep up with the changes in the technology landscape. We stay on top of it all, freeing our clients to focus on other key areas of their business, taking advantage of the latest trends and technology, and effectively managing costs.

Accunet continues to scan the technology horizon for new products, enhancements, or other relevant developments. When we see something that could be beneficial to our customers, we let them know!


Cognizant enables global enterprises to address a dual mandate: to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible and to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations.

What makes Cognizant unique is our ability to help clients meet both challenges. We help them enhance productivity by ensuring that vital business functions work faster, cheaper and better. And, our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities allows clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.


Cymbel Corporation is an IT Solutions Provider, 100% focused on Security and Compliance. Cymbel. Our 300+ clients are composed of mid to large enterprises and some of the largest, best known organizations in the Northeast.
Cymbel helps organizations (1) mitigate the new security risks created by changes in business needs, technology, threats, and compliance requirements, (2) reduce the costs of security operations and compliance audits, and (3) improve the infosec team’s responsiveness to the business. In many cases we have been able to do all three at the same time!!


GuidePoint Security provides customized, innovative and valuable Information Security solutions that enable commercial and federal organizations to more successfully achieve their security and business goals. By embracing new technologies, GuidePoint Security helps our clients recognize the threats, understand the solutions, and mitigate the risks present in their evolving IT environments.
Founded in 2011 by veterans of the Information Security industry, GuidePoint Security aims to be our clients’ trusted advisor for both security technologies and professional services. GuidePoint Security differentiates itself through its organizational structure, ensuring that the resources you deal with before the sale have a vested interest in your success following the sale. Our continued referrals and repeat clients reiterate our focus on providing our clients with the right technologies and professional services that support their organization’s goals.


immixGroup, an Arrow company, is a value-added distributor that helps technology companies do business with the government. immixGroup enables IT manufacturers and solution providers to grow their public sector business and accelerate the sales cycle. Since 1997, immixGroup has delivered the specialized resources and expertise these companies need to increase their revenue, support their demand creators, and operate efficiently in the complex public sector IT market. These include industry-specific market intelligence; marketing; lead generation; channel development; a government business infrastructure; technical resources; and integration and logistics capabilities.

Government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels trust immixGroup to provide reliable access to a wide range of enterprise software and hardware products from 350+ manufacturers. immixGroup offers these technologies through a wide range of government contract vehicles and a network of more than 1,200 solution providers and resellers.


NaviLogic’s approach to governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) starts with understanding your business, your culture and what you are trying to accomplish. Our dedicated experts fully understand the dynamic risk environment in which today’s businesses operate, and have extensive experience working with regulated entities, including those in the healthcare, financial services and manufacturing industries.

We believe GRC tools should augment process. Often, intersecting risks are managed independently within an organization due to differing strategies, use of technology and relationships. It’s our job to help you merge your people, processes and IT solutions into one, comprehensive platform that provides the intelligence you need to meet your goals and measure your performance.


Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. Our diverse and talented employees are committed to helping businesses, governments and educational institutions plan, build and run successful security programs through the right combination of products, services and solutions related to security program strategy, enterprise risk and consulting, threat and vulnerability management, enterprise incident management, security architecture and implementation, training, identity and access management, and managed security.

SeeGee Technologies

SeeGee Technologies is an award-winning company that prides itself on creating balance in organizations between IT security and business objectives through the use of technology, strategically navigating a company’s performance, security and networks.

SeeGee customers include enterprise, federal and local government agencies, hospitals, colleges and non-profit businesses. SeeGee’s three main areas of expertise are in security and networking technologies, managed services and staffing services.

Our process in identifying business risk and ascertaining the most efficient and effective security requirements of mid-to-large complex organizations ensures that our clients’ needs are addressed.  Through technology, services, support and training, SeeGee is a true architect of security networks which delivers a secure network to clients – exactly as it should be.

As one of the country’s leading IT security providers, SeeGee offers customized solutions and services for businesses of all sizes. SeeGee partners with some of the world’s top vendors to provide best-of-breed solutions and services that directly address enterprise IT issues.

SeeGee’s highly qualified IT professionals go above and beyond to create a trusted, dedicated relationship with a long term, big picture focus. Working with SeeGee means your organization gets expert advice from certified IT consultants with every interaction.

Sun Management

The most important asset a company or sales person has is product. With over 20 years in the industry, Jim Vanderzon, the principal of Sun Management, has witnessed poor sales reps succeed with excellent products, and excellent sales reps struggle with weak products. Hence, Sun Management is extremely patient and selective in choosing the products we will represent. We focus on two areas, compelling and necessary. We euphemistically call it ‘Product Poaching’, limiting our core product solutions to no more than 5 to 10 products.

At Sun Management, our engineers and many of our long term clients review any prospective technology for both the compelling aspect and the necessary aspect. Only after both of these conditions have been addressed will Sun Management enter into a discussion about possible representation of a product suite.

ThunderCat Technology

ThunderCat Technology is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that delivers technology products and services to the federal government and fortune 500 companies.

ThunderCat is a systems integrator that brings an innovative approach to solving customer problems in and around the datacenter by providing strategies for Data Storage, Networking, Security, and Applications. ThunderCat represents, distributes, integrates, and provides technologies from best of breed manufacturers. ThunderCat differentiates itself by manufacturer mix, innovative ability to integrate specific technologies, and capacity to re-provision or optimize existing resources for federal and commercial customers.

Gurucul INSIDER Partner Program

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Gurucul INSIDER Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partners

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What a name!

What a name!

GURUCUL (goo-roo-cool)  

The name Gurucul comes from Sanskrit (गुरुकुल). This word is a contraction of the Sanskrit word ‘guru’ which means teacher or expert and ‘cul’ means extended family or group. In ancient times this was the place of learning. As a security analytics company expertise and learning hold a very special meaning as it reflects in our name.