Learn why Gurucul are the champions for security analysts, SecOps and security operations center (SOC) teams. With an industry leading cyber security analytics platform and visionary next gen SIEM, Gurucul helps bring radical threat detection clarity to your cyber risk.
Champions for the security analyst.
We’re here to unlock the human potential in every security operations team.

Gurucul equips and empowers professionals with tools that provide ultimate clarity—so they can eliminate distractions and focus on reducing real risks and controlling costs.
A new approach to Security Operations.
To help security teams maximize their potential, we’ve built REVEAL—the first dynamic enterprise security analytics platform of its kind.

REVEAL harnesses both artificial and human intelligence to create an informed, empowering user experience that supports a holistic approach to security in the SOC.

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Ultimate clarity defined—and delivered.

REVEAL gives security teams the clarity and focus they need to perform at their peak and transform SecOps. Here’s how:


By integrating once-disparate tools and systems into a converged platform experience, REVEAL gives security teams a crystal-clear picture of even the most complex environments.


Machine learning and automation help cut out the noise and confusion from anomalous alerts and false positives—so you can see what really requires your attention.


When teams stop reacting, they can start prioritizing, planning, and responding. Hunting and investigations become faster and more accurate. Soon, analysts begin to outpace threats.

Presence of Mind

With newly claimed confidence and control comes the awareness it takes to lead—and the freedom to look ahead to the horizon. Now, the people in the SOC help support the vision and propel innovation.

Comparing Platforms

Traditional SIEM Next-Gen SIEM Gurucul Platform
Unified Visibility
Flexible Deployment
Simplified Data Ingestion
Advanced Analytics
Risk Prioritization
Secure AI  
Seamless Interoperability
Case Management 
& Orchestration
Response & Playbook Automation

Founded in security.

Gurucul is a real-time response to the evolution of enterprise security. Since 2010, our only focus has been to engineer a better way for the people in security operations.

Gurucul delivers an open and flexible security analytics platform designed for the way security operations center (SOC) teams need to work.

Designed for the way people work.

Technology can never replace the human element. That’s why we’ve built REVEAL to augment the work of the people in the SOC. We approach every innovation from the security professional’s perspective. Because we’re security people, too.

Learn why Gurucul is the human-centric cyber security analytics platform, powered by AI. We leverage AI to augment security analysts, SecOps and security operations center (SOC) teams

proven results

“Fast and reliable solution based in AI powered SOC automation reduced the burden on security analyst and accelerated remediation in time to prevent loss.”

Domain Solution Expert at $10B Communications Firm

“We see enhanced performance in threat hunting which reduced our needs of outsourcing by 50%.”

Manager at $30B IT firm

“Our MTTD has been reduced by almost 30 minutes…. It has reduced our false positives by 20%”

Manager at 10,000+ employee Communications Service Provider

“Gurucul UEBA has helped us save our operational costs 10 to 20 percent”

Manager at 10,000+ employee Communications Service Provider