Bring clarity to the SOC with the industry’s most visionary Next-Gen SIEM.

Equip and empower security operations with high-fidelity detection and response— with AI at their fingertips.

Gurucul offers a true Next Gen SIEM platform—combining SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, Identity Analytics and our native Data Optimizer on a unified, cloud-native SIEM platform.

With Gurucul, security analysts get the kind of visibility, focus, and perspective that can help security operations teams perform at their full potential.

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Prioritize True Threats in Context

Stop chasing false positives or writing static, rules-based detections. The Gurucul SIEM platform leverages data science to provide a complete picture from all relevant data sources—security and non-security—so you can quickly and accurately prioritize true threats in real-time.

The Gurucul Next Gen SIEM solution combines 3,000+ behavior-based machine learning models, advanced analytics and a logical 0-100 risk scoring approach. So, security analysts can focus on what matters most–eradicating real threats. 

Improve Investigations with AI

Native and secure AI lets analysts query the organizations own data—not just public sources—using natural language search. With the Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM platform you can build complex queries with a simple UI to get to the truth faster. Gurucul’s AI will even suggest other users and entities that may be impacted by security incidents.

With complete visibility into the activity and events surrounding true threats, security analysts can streamline and sharpen each investigation. Combined with federated search, they can break down data silos while still maintaining compliance and optimizing storage costs.  

Automate Response with Precision

Embedded with the Next-Gen SIEM platform Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) delivers automation on your terms—giving you complete control over the level of human intervention in identifying, analyzing, and eliminating true threats based on risk level.

Leverage a vast library of playbooks that integrate seamlessly with your IT systems and process for faster response, or customize playbooks to your unique requirements.  

Powered by REVEAL: The Dynamic Security Analytics Platform

REVEAL is the visionary security platform that delivers radical clarity into your cyber risk and drastically reduces data costs. It’s a unified suite of capabilities and tools that uncover true threats and quantify risks in real-time—regardless of the data source, across the entire IT estate.

REVEAL gives security teams the visibility, focus, and perspective they need to outpace threats and focus on what matters most.

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Next-Gen SIEM use cases

Monitor Complex Cloud Infrastructure and Detect Multi-Cloud Attack Campaigns

The Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM is cloud-native, open, and architected to federate security analytics across any and all globally dispersed, heterogeneous environments and data stores.

Optimize Threat Detection Investigation and Response (TDIR)

Ingest all relevant security and non-security data to power the most robust ML threat detection models, provide context for investigations, and automate responses tailored to your process.

Prevent Insider Threats, Data Exfiltration, and Privileged Access Violations

The ability to discern context by cross-validating identity access, user behavioral, and business application data makes our Next-Gen SIEM uniquely positioned to precisely identify real threats before exfiltration occurs.

Automate Incident Response

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM includes a library of fully customizable response playbooks, federated search across your entire data fabric, and link analysis for contextualizing incidents—allowing you to automate detect and response on your terms.


Improve Threat Hunting with AI/ML and Federated Search

Give your security analysts the tools to spend time conducting meaningful investigations with a secure and native AI assistant and federated search across your entire data ecosystem.


Simplify Compliance with Regulatory Mandates

Our Next-Gen SIEM helps to facilitate compliance with standards and regulations such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800-53, DFARS, ITAR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, the IoT Cybersecurity Act, and others.

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