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Behavioral deviations are a leading indicator of compromise. So, the key to effective UEBA is context. Unlike conventional solutions that rely on static, rules-based analysis, Gurucul UEBA starts learning and adapting to normal activity from day one—so it can detect suspicious or anomalous activity right from the start. It means security teams can quickly distinguish false positives from true threats and act accordingly.

Focus on true threats, not false positives

Stop chasing false positives and performing alert triage from noisy, static, rule-based detections. Gurucul UEBA leverages data science to give analysts a complete picture from all relevant data sources—security and non-security—so you can quickly and accurately prioritize true risks.  

See behavioral deviations in context

Gurucul UEBA ingests any Security and IT Ops data you need—regardless of format, source, or IT estate—and presents contextualized analysis on a single, unified platform. It means analysts can ignore irrelevant anomalies based on reliable, real-time evidence from multiple telemetries.

Prioritize real risk over anomalies

Bridge the detection gap with advanced machine learning and behavioral analytics. Gurucul UEBA chains multiple ML models together from disparate sources, so analysts can quickly pinpoint only the highest-fidelity threats. 

Get contextualized evidence at your fingertips

Using a patented technique called Link Chain Analysis, Gurucul UEBA automatically stitches together threat information and context—resulting in a comprehensive case of evidence. With ultimate clarity from a single interface, analysts can quickly and confidently respond to true threats. 

Powered by REVEAL: The Dynamic Security Analytics Platform

REVEAL is the visionary security platform that delivers radical clarity into your cyber risk and drastically reduces data costs. It’s a unified suite of capabilities and tools that uncover true threats and quantify risks in real-time—regardless of the data source, across the entire IT estate.

REVEAL gives security teams the visibility, focus, and perspective they need to outpace threats and focus on what matters most.

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UEBA Use Cases

Insider Risk and Threat Monitoring

User behavioral deviations are a leading indicator of insider risk. Gurucul UEBA puts baseline deviations into context, connecting anomalous behavior with adjacent telemetry to verify true insider threats.

Host and Device Compromise Detection

Gurucul UEBA detects baseline deviations for all entities and further enriches the anomalous behavior by cross-validating the deviation against related data sources to determine if a risk is truly a threat.

Unsanctioned Lateral Movement Detection

When users or entities start to connect with systems outside of their normal baseline, Gurucul UEBA identifies this anomalous behavior, flags the potential risk, and provides additional context to determine an appropriate response.

Early Ransomware Detection

Gurucul UEBA can identify early signs of ransomware attacks by detecting file access patterns that deviate from normal user or entity behavior.

Data Exfiltration Prevention

Detect unauthorized attempts to move, copy, or send sensitive data outside of the organization with the Gurucul UEBA solution.

Account and Credential Compromise

Gurucul UEBA monitors for abnormal activities performed by users with privileged access permissions, helping to prevent misuse or compromise of those sensitive account credentials.

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