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There are benefits to working with a company that has deep roots in machine learning and AI,  and has had the same core R&D and engineering team innovating the platform since the company began in 2013. No bolted on or unsupported technology here.

Our unified, open, and AI-powered security analytics platform features:

  • Streamlined data ingestion for any source, format or schema. No third party middleware or expensive services required!
  • Advanced behavioral-based analytics with 3,000+ out-of-the-box, fully customizable and transparent Machine Learning models.
  • Risk prioritization and context delivered at the right time so your security analysts can take the right action armed with contextualized threat intelligence.
  • Cloud-native and cloud optimized delivers the speed required to run advanced analytics at the scale to meet the needs of the Fortune 50.
  • Homegrown AI means no Chat-GPT bolt-on and native AI capabilities for autonomously improving threat detections and security analyst efficiency.