Extended clarity for response without comp­romise.
Gurucul Open XDR technology gives analysts of any experience level the visibility, context, and options they need to identify attacks in real time and respond within minutes to prevent damage.

It’s engineered for ultimate flexibility and interoperability across your existing technology, so you’re never locked into an endpoint provider or settling for detection coverage gaps or silos.

See your entire attack surface

The intelligent data processing fabric leverages thousands of integrations to ingest, enrich, normalize, and filter any data format from any environment.

Streamline visibility with a simple, wizard-driven UI and get a unified view of the attack surface. Or, let Gurucul build them—typically in less than 48 hours.

Prioritize true threats in context

Stop chasing false positives or writing static, rules-based detections. Gurucul’s Open XDR leverages data science and advanced behavioral analytics to provide a complete picture of any threat with a case of evidence. It means analysts can focus on incidents—not alerts—and quickly and accurately prioritize true risks.

Contain threats faster with automated responses

Automate on your terms. Take advantage of out-of-the-box tools or integrate seamlessly with your existing SOAR platform using simple APIs.

Either way, our Open XDR gives you complete control—allowing for customization of playbooks, and letting you determine the level of human intervention based on your risk tolerance, established security processes, and IT.  

Protect and enhance your security investment

The Open XDR  technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with any established IT estate. Get more from your existing systems with a comprehensive view of threats and unified detection and response across any third-party tools.

Powered by REVEAL: The Dynamic Security Analytics Platform

REVEAL is the visionary security platform that delivers radical clarity into your cyber risk and drastically reduces data costs. It’s a unified suite of capabilities and tools that uncover true threats and quantify risks in real-time—regardless of the data source, across the entire IT estate.

REVEAL gives security teams the visibility, focus, and perspective they need to outpace threats and focus on what matters most.

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Open XDR Use Cases

Accelerated Threat Detection and Response

The Gurucul Open XDR solution goes beyond endpoint-centric solutions with advanced security analytics and detection across all security and non-security telemetry—which helps make existing security operations programs, tools, and resources more efficient.

Contextual Threat Hunting and Investigations

The intelligent data fabric gathers all relevant data and context into a single user interface—putting everything at the analyst’s fingertips. This eliminates the overhead of logging into multiple systems to hunt and investigate potential threats.

Automate Response with Dynamic Playbooks

Gurucul Open XDR includes a targeted library of fully customizable response playbooks, federated search across your entire data fabric, and link analysis for contextualizing incidents—so you can automate response on your terms.

Detecting Identity-Based Threats

Identity is a complex and growing attack surface that goes beyond just Active Directory information. Gurucul Open XDR incorporates advanced identity and access analytics with user behavior to quickly detect, prioritize, and respond to identity-based attacks.

Optimize Threat Detection Investigation and Response (TDIR)

Ingest all relevant security and non-security data to power the most advanced ML threat detection models, provide context for investigations, and automate tailored response.

Monitor Complex Hybrid Infrastructures and Detect Cross-stack Attack Campaigns

The Gurucul Open XDR solution is cloud-native, open, and architected to federate security analytics across all globally dispersed cloud and hybrid infrastructures to detect attacks spanning multiple environments.

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Flexible Platform.

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