Achieve Radical Clarity Into Your Cyber Risk
REVEAL is a visionary security analytics platform built for the future of SecOps. It’s a completely unified suite of capabilities and tools that uncover true threats and quantify risks in real-time, regardless of the data source, across the entire IT estate. Using REVEAL, analysts can reach new levels of knowledge, understanding, and insight.

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Radical Clarity Ready Day One

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See true threats and real risks

Open and Flexible Design

REVEAL is an open and adaptable big data platform designed to handle demanding workloads at speed and scale.

It’s data lake and cloud-agnostic, so you can build a centralized or federated architecture using Gurucul’s Hadoop data lake or your own. And it’s designed with flexibility in mind—meaning you can integrate and customize to best suit your business processes, tech stack, and deployment model.

No matter what, REVEAL gives you control—helping you eliminate the myriad data costs and scalability issues inherent to traditional SIEMs and siloed security analytics solutions.

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Intelligent Data Fabric

REVEAL automatically filters, normalizes, enriches, routes, analyzes, and searches any security, non-security, and IT Ops data from any source to start detecting threats right away—giving you complete control over your security data fabric and reducing costs by at least 40%. 

Take advantage of out-of-the-box features like data ingestion monitoring and alerting—along with the built-in no-code four-step pipeline wizard—to make any new data source accessible and visible in minutes.

With REVEAL, analysts get ultimate clarity into the entire hybrid IT ecosystem delivered on a single, unified platform—without the need for third-party services, data distribution tools, or parsing software.

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Purpose-Built Content

REVEAL is ready out-of-the-box with 10,000+ pieces of content—so you can go from ingestion to high-fidelity detections in seconds.

Plus, any pre-built content is fully customizable, so you can modify and create virtually infinite configurations using flexible dashboards, ML models, risk scoring, playbooks, and more.

Get value and ROI on day one, and then customize to meet your specific business, security, or compliance requirements.

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Advanced Analytics

REVEAL goes beyond basic anomaly detection. Drawing from a massive library of pre-tuned ML models developed and refined over more than a decade, REVEAL automatically applies a wide range of behavioral analytics to structured and unstructured data from endpoints, network applications, the cloud, or IoT— including IT Ops and non-security data.

Working with a simple interface, analysts get open and transparent analytics—so they can refine and customize existing models and build new ones without having to write code or understand data science.

Go one step further and chain together multiple ML models using different sources like identity, activity, and threat analytics to drive higher-fidelity detections, fewer false positives, and more zero-day threat detections.

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Dynamic Risk Engine

REVEAL quantifies and normalizes risk on a scale of 0–100, so security teams can quickly and easily understand and prioritize the top threats to the business.

Analysts can see a consolidated risk score for any user, entity, application, or asset across every transaction, entitlement, and activity—and then take decisive action using a library of fully customizable response playbooks configured to your organization’s unique criteria.

With just a few clicks, security teams can easily customize risk scores based on defined risk tolerance—so analysts know where to focus time and attention.

REVEAL even allows teams to create custom groups for critical or sensitive entities like executive laptops, contractors, database servers, or critical business applications—and then elevates risk scores to help analysts respond when these groups are impacted.

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Powered By AI

The genius behind REVEAL is a secure, native AI engine that works throughout the detection, investigation, and response lifecycle. It’s called Sme, and it’s accessible from anywhere in the UI.

Using Sme, analysts can search public sources without the queries becoming part of the public record—and ask natural language questions to get deeper insights from your enterprise data and streamline investigations and hunting.

Behind the scenes, REVEAL also uses adversarial AI to keep up with the latest and most sophisticated attacks—all while constantly creating and improving models and playbooks to accelerate threat detection and response.

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One modular and flexible platform.

Four essential capabilities.

“Gurucul’s ability to integrate with our service desk platform and to automate and orchestrate responses was a crucial objective for us.”

Mathan Kasilingam, CISO & Data Privacy Officer – Vodafone Idea Limited

“Gurucul provided a mature security analytics solution that delivered results quickly and helped us maximize the value of our SIEM investment. Without it, our expanding threat plane would remain unchecked.”

VP & Head of CyberSecurity Technology Operations – Global IT Services Company

“Gurucul is really game changer, next-gen technology. I really like their threat hunting platform and reduction in false positives. With flexible UI, out of the box integrations, customized models, prioritized risks scoring.”

Manager, IT Services Company 

“Fast and reliable security solution based in AI powered SOC automation reduced the burden on security analyst and accelerated remediation in time to prevent loss”

Security Solution Domain Expert, 5B+ IT Services Company


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