IP Protection

Intellectual property (IP) is the backbone of every company. This is information that is found invaluable and can be potentially devastating if leaked to the public or a competitor. As part of an organization, it is your responsibility to protect your IP and regulated data at all costs, and with an ever-evolving threat landscape that task has become increasingly more difficult. Gurucul’s Intellectual Property and Regulated Data Protection solution is one that has the capabilities to keep your intellectual property safe while deterring impending or imminent threats.


What is GuruCul’s IP and Regulated Data Protection Solution?

Intellectual Property and Regulated Data Protection, as the name implies, is the ability to effectively protect and secure your intellectual property and sensitive data. Using this solution you have the capability to monitor and protect your intellectual property while deterring and preventing a compromising attack before it happens. It is through our; user behavior analytics, self-audit capabilities, privileged access monitoring, and actionable risk intelligence ® that we are able to provide a solution that ensures your IP and Regulated Data remains protected.

Offering solutions for mobile, cloud, or on-premises applications, Gurucul’s IP and Regulated Data Protection will meet your security requirements.


  • The ability to monitor privileged accounts and who accesses your IP and regulated data
  • Provide Actionable Risk Intelligence®, alerting you to anomalous behavior and the ability to prevent and deter a threat before it occurs
  • Automated self-audit, helps you identify weak points and potential leaks of IP and regulated data
  • Meet compliance requirements across a multitude of platforms




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