Announcing the Second Edition of Borderless Behavior Analytics

Borderless Behavior Analytics” is a MUST READ for understanding the next generation of predictive security analytics.

Leslie K. Lambert serves as Gurucul’s Chief Security and Strategy Officer. She also serves as Managing Editor for the second edition of “Borderless Behavior Analytics – Who’s Inside? What’re They Doing?”  In this blog, Lambert introduces us to the expert contributors sharing their insight on the next generation of predictive security analytics.

Meet the cyber security expert contributors in the second edition of Borderless Behavior Analytics

It’s exciting to be taking over the helm of managing editor for the second edition of “Borderless Behavior Analytics – Who’s Inside?  What’re They Doing?”  In this new edition, we continue the rich collaborative effort with top experts in the industry. We also open the vision of the borderless story, as we respond to, and expand on, topical areas of interest in the next generation of predictive security.

The vaunted list of our Who’s Who caliber of new contributors includes:

  • Devin Bhatt- CISO U.S. Federal Agency. With a chapter component originally appearing in the ‘Sneak Preview’ section of the first edition, Bhatt expands on his topic of best practices in insider threat programs. As well as the introduction to Bhatt’s chapter has a guide to the CMU-CERT (Carnegie Mellon University – Computer Emergency Readiness Team) Insider Threat program’s 20 best practices, including correlations of applications relating to advanced security analytics. While it’s not a replacement for the original resource, it provides a quick reference to the material. We believe it is an invaluable and handy resource to the CISO.
  • Nilesh Dherange- CTO, Gurucul. Following my chapter in the book on machine learning, my esteemed colleague at Gurucul, Nilesh Dherange, shares his seasoned insights into the world of big data, and emerging trends occurring there. Whereas the traditional industry experts characterize big data breaking down into the six V’s (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, Variability, Value), Dherange has defined two more V’s to more accurately describe big data. Can you guess what they are? If not, you’ll need to read the book to see. As well, he observes ‘big data’ may very well have worn out its welcome as an apt industry term, it being too outdated, limiting and frankly… too small. Hence Megadata is the new term Nilesh sees fitting the bill more accurately for the near future.
  • Jairo Orea- CISO, Kimberly-Clark. After appearing in our sneak preview section of the first edition, Orea expands on his topic of the challenges and solutions for addressing the complex requirements of hybrid cloud environment architecture. As well as the implications for emerging advanced security analytics requirements. His Triad (identity, data, and infrastructure) schema for optimized hybrid cloud architecture planning is an especially useful resource. Orea’s credentials as having been UnitedHealth Group’s Chief Information Security Architect, as well as continuing to serve as Chief Architect for the Trusted Cloud Initiative (Cloud Security Alliance), make this chapter a particularly authoritative read.
  • Jim Routh- CSO, Aetna. Since writing the Foreword for the first edition, Routh provides an in-depth view of model driven security. He includes insights to what he terms ‘unconventional controls’. Routh’s authority and subject matter expertise in the emerging world of advanced security is bolstered by his role as the chairman of H-ISAC’s (Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center) board. On top of that, Routh’s cutting-edge adoption of Aetna’s innovative security strategy was profiled in the Wall Street Journal. In his chapter, you’ll get in-depth insights into the realities behind this next generation of predictive security solutions.
  • William Scandrett- CISO, Allina Health. Scandrett shares his insights into the healthcare utilities of UEBA beyond security applications. Fortifying the prospect of the security solution being a beneficial part of the enterprises bottom line. It turns out that UEBA behavior monitoring can be applied to medical devices to establish their normal operational behavior. It can also be used for IT planning of appliances. As well as using UEBA’s baseline patterning to understand where devices should live and how they should operate in the network. As well, Scandrett shares his fascinating insights into Allina Health’s unique use case involving Super Bowl LII. In this case, Allina supports the healthcare services activities for the massive high-profile event.
  • Vishal Salvi- CISO, Infosys. Writing the Foreword to the book, Salvi shares his insight on the challenges a majority of organizations face with digital transformation in today’s rapidly evolving environments. He sees a great deal of digital transformation first hand as the security leader for one of the top system integrators in the world. From his perspective, he sees the unfolding value of UEBA across a broad collection of enterprise environments. He observes that the majority of books CIOs and CISOs have for security technology are simply outmoded. Above all, he sees how our book should be a critical part of their library going forward.

Borderless Behavior Analytics is a “MUST READ” for cyber security professionals Understanding next gen predictive security

In addition, Dan Lohrmann of GovTech magazine also had something to say. “I am going so far as to say this is a MUST READ for understanding the next generation of security solutions...”

That is to say it probably doesn’t get much better than that! We strive to provide in-depth insights in the new topics that continue to make this an invaluable read. But don’t take Lohrmann’s word for it. You should decide for yourself if the praise is worthy.

Lastly, the second edition of the book will be launched during RSA 2018 conference in San Francisco. Score a complimentary copy and explore the next generation of predictive security at the Gurucul booth in south hall #2001.