Gurucul CyberArk Technology Alliance

The Gurucul Security Analytics Platform drives high-efficacy threat detection and automated response with machine learning-based behavior analytics. The following integrations with CyberArk are focused on detecting risky anomalous behavior before a malicious actor can do harm:

The Gurucul/CyberArk integration determines access-control permissions and restrictions, based on a user’s risk score. Risk scores consider numerous points of context including user behavior, resource sensitivity, job role, access of the user compared to peers, and the configuration of the devices used to access resources.

The Gurucul Platform has a deep understanding, and posture score for users within groups. This translates into both an individual user and overall group score, so that CyberArk Identity can decide whether to add a particular user to a group, based on the overall group score, enabling organizations to enhance the user experience, based on user behavior patterns.

Gurucul CyberArk Integration