Gurucul HashiCorp Technology Alliance

The Gurucul Security Analytics Platform drives high-efficacy threat detection and automated response with machine learning-based behavior analytics. The following integrations with HashiCorp are focused on detecting risky anomalous behavior before a malicious actor can do harm:

Gurucul identifies abnormal user behavior, outlier, and inlier PAM abnormalities, detects behavioral abnormalities and maps 3rd-party tactics and techniques. As such, the Gurucul platform is well-suited to detect when resources such as HashiCorp Vault are the focal point for a would-be attacker. Given the increase in centralized password vault, the value of the stored secrets, and the emerging threats targeting password vault, it is important to provide multiple dimensions when detecting, analyzing, and safeguarding the vaults themselves. Gurucul threat indicator, a risk score between 1 and 100 is a combination of behavioral attributes, contextualizing each TTP as they are learnt or discovered through analytics.

Gurucul integrates with HashiCorp Vault to securely access and connect to a wide variety of 3rd-party data sources. The integration streamlines access to data and eliminates the need for managing passwords and/or hardcoding credentials. For example, the Gurucul can securely connect to a Splunk instance (or similar) via HashiCorp Vault to search and retrieve data for further analysis.
Gurucul HashiCorp Integration
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