Gurucul Okta Technology Alliance

As organizations want to take control and protect themselves from unknown threats, they can leverage Gurucul + Okta and instantly decide and act upon anomalous activities.

Okta captures all the details of the user such as user name, number of attempts, device, time… etc, when using Okta’s Single sign-on product as a SSO for login into other application.

This data is then ingested into Gurucul’s Security Analytics Platform via it’s API integration with Okta.

Gurucul combines an API-based CASB architecture, UEBA and Identity Access Intelligence (IAI) capabilities with data received from Okta i.e. users, their accesses and activity data to predict and detect insider threats, account compromise, access abuse and data exfiltration.

With the Gurucul Security Analytics Platform customers can also monitor access and privilege risks as well as anomalous user behavior in Okta. Gurucul uniquely provides a 360-degree view for Okta’s user accounts, their accesses and activities.

Risk Scores derived from the machine learning and security models, can be evaluated and appropriate action can be taken on the users with the high risk score i.e. asking user to perform MFA, suspending a user, resetting password etc. at Okta.
Gurucul Okta Integration