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2020 Insider Threat Survey Report

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The Cybersecurity Insiders 2020 Insider Threat Report explores how organizations respond to the risks posed by malicious and accidental insiders. Get the report to learn how SIEM complexity, remediation latency and lack of cloud visibility places organizations at risk.

  • 68% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks
  • 53% of organizations believe detecting insider attacks has become harder since migrating to the cloud
  • 63% of organizations think that privileged IT users pose the biggest insider security risk
  • Lack of resources (31%) and too many false positive alerts (22%) are the biggest hurdles in maximizing the value of SIEMs
  • Only about one third of organizations can detect anomalous behavior in NetFlow/packet data (35%), service accounts (39%) and cloud resources (30%)

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‛‛ Today’s most damaging security threats do not originate from malicious outsiders or malware but from trusted insiders with access to sensitive data and systems – both malicious insiders and negligent insiders. ’’

– 2020 Insider Threat Report, Cybsersecurity Insiders

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