How MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Improves the Effectiveness of Your SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an important part of IT security management that many organizations have come to rely on. With their powerful data-backed tools, SIEM has significantly reduced threat detection times and managed risks more efficiently. SIEM allows companies to scale well as they support large amounts of data and can be used for a wide range of use cases that involve logging, security program, auditing, compliance reporting, help desk, network troubleshooting, and so on. It is an evolving cybersecurity product backed up by several advanced tools that enable intelligent security operations.

The MITRE ATT&CK coverage framework is one such data-based platform that allows for SIEM systems to leverage a globally accessible knowledge base.

What Is The MITRE ATT&CK Framework?

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a huge evolving knowledge hub that collects, sorts down, and makes available information on the various Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and common knowledge in terms of security management.

The MITRE framework was launched in 2015 and since then has been collecting and sharing valuable information regarding all kinds of security threats, attack life cycles, and more. It helps with a systematic analysis of any kind of security threat and allows you to follow the best tactics and response activities in case of an attack. With the huge number of known threats and detailed threat behavior analysis that MITRE provides you, you can easily predict the attacker’s behavior and motivation so you can effectively respond in the most appropriate ways.

Why Should You Start Using The MITRE ATT&CK Framework?

A recent study done on ten organizations has shown that much of their SIEM solutions do not use any tactics or techniques listed under the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Only 16% of the security tactics and techniques used are derived from the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This can be surprising as the main driver behind SIEM solutions is to make use of reliable data from various sources and use it to detect and respond to threats. And the MITRE framework provides an excellent knowledge base with proven data that can be well utilized to make the right decisions while handling a cyber threat.

Most conventional SIEM systems use data coming from various network devices, rules, and basic analytics to detect and analyze a threat. But in the real world, what happens is that SIEM systems will be flooded with information making it difficult to detect threats early on and prioritize events by the actual risk presented by the threats. Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework helps overcome this shortfall in two main ways.

Detecting Known Threats

The MITRE ATT&CK coverage framework has documented and continues to document all common real-world security tactics, techniques, and procedures. It provides you with instant access to a complete database of known threats and their behavior analysis.

Automating Responses to These Identified, Known Threats

The framework consists of 14 Enterprise tactics that explain the motivation behind an attack and helps you assess the risk for each of the tactics for a given attack. They also include a deep explanation of the techniques used and guide security teams on how to handle known threats efficiently. This allows you to implement automated controls that would move into protecting your systems as soon as a known threat is detected.

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM

The Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM provides a systematic implementation of the MITRE ATT&CK framework to address known threats. It is more proactive as it responds immediately with the right course of action against known threats.

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM also combats unknown or zero-day threats. It utilizes AI and machine learning based behavior analytics to identify and respond to new, previously undetected threats. Gurucul is capable of providing a high level of coverage and scalability spanning multiple users and entities in both hybrid and borderless environments.

With Gurucul, you get an end-to-end, centralized, analytics-driven SIEM that can deliver advanced security capabilities, including early threat detection, analysis, efficient response, and out-of-the-box dashboard and reporting features.

Here are two major reasons why the Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM would be a great asset for your cyber defenses.

83% MITRE ATT&CK Coverage

By leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK platform, Gurucul is capable of achieving 83% of MITRE ATT&CK coverage against all known threats and techniques. This is significantly more coverage than most SIEMs on the market today. Gurucul can provide you with a complete spectrum of security techniques and protection that includes all types of environments, be it borderless, hybrid or on-premises systems.

Through the API-based STIX integration provided, your systems will always be up to date with the ever growing MITRE updates.

Analytics-Driven Threat Detection

Gurucul makes use of advanced AI and machine learning models to analyze threat behavior, determine risk profiles and prioritize your security response tasks for the maximum efficacy. This helps you detect both known and unknown risks that could be internal or external in real-time.

The machine learning models used help you undertake behavioral analytics that go beyond the common knowledge provided by the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Thus, you get to address unknown threats as well with real-time, risk prioritized intelligence.

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