Real-time Visibility Into Access Risks Reduces The Attack Surface

There’s been a lot of information, discussion and resources provided about the impact of Coronavirus on securing the remote workforce. There’s another angle to this difficult situation: the sudden explosion and retraction of system, application, cloud and device access due to the global pandemic. Dealing with remote workers, a surge in temporary workers, headcount reductions, and a staggering demand for staff in some industries has radically impacted access controls across the board.

This unprecedented time has forced organizations to make overnight access changes to their borderless work environments, introducing a new set of identity and access issues:

  • Have you granted new remote access to employees/contractors/third parties to support the “Stay at Home” order?
  • Are you giving anyone access to anything they request just to keep the business running?
  • Have you suddenly given privileged access to employees or third party service providers so they can perform their jobs remotely?
  • Have project priorities changed, and should access needs also change?
  • Have workers taken on new or added roles?
  • Has access proliferation in the cloud increased your expenses significantly overnight?
  • Who needs access to certain applications and at what level?
  • Is emergency privileged access actually being used?
  • Do you have a dashboard with access proliferation maps?
  • Are you thinking about cleaning your AD or any other system in this rather slow time?
  • How are you going to get back to normal when the pandemic is over?

The risk is that unmanaged accounts can be exploited by hackers or insider threats to gain access to systems with sensitive data. Traditional IAM controls may not be effective in this new borderless emergency workforce state. The fastest and most efficient way to get actionable insights into your access risks with highest efficacy is by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform identity analytics on employee and contractor access. Identify orphan and dormant accounts automatically and reduce the risk of these accounts being compromised or misused. Real-time visibility into access risks provides the intelligence needed to continuously reduce your attack surface.

Complimentary Service: Discover & Manage Access Risks in This Global Pandemic

During this challenging time, we feel compelled to do our part to help our community. We have decided to offer a complimentary cloud service to help companies Discover & Manage Access Risks in This Global Pandemic.

With this service, companies will be able to get real-time visibility into access risks and automate dynamic provisioning/deprovisioning decisions with machine learning and AI:

  • VPN Access Monitoring
  • Dynamic Provisioning for Temporary Workers
  • Privileged Access Intelligence
  • SoD Intelligence
  • Risky Account Discovery & Clean-up

How Does It Work?

  • Sign up for the free serviceOnce again, this is completely free to you and all costs are on Gurucul.
  • Get a SaaS instance of Gurucul Identity Analytics provisioned for you
  • Login and upload user account and entitlement data in a few simple steps
  • Gain access to a Gurucul Identity Analytics dashboard which delivers the following:
    • Actionable Risk Insights and Visibility
    • Machine Learning based Outlier Access Analysis
    • Privileged Access Discovery
    • Dormant and Orphan Account and Entitlement Discovery
    • Actionable High-Risk User List
    • Risky Privileged Accounts
    • Segregation of Duties and Compliance Validation
    • Risky Departments, Locations, Business Units and Titles Reports
  • Investigate and mitigate access risks
  • Access to Gurucul Labs 24×7 at no cost

View our Webinar to Learn More

If you would you like more information on this service, how it works, and the access intelligence you can expect to receive, please watch this webinar replay to learn more.