The Benefits of an Insider Threat Detection Program

Benefits of an Insider Threat Detection Program

With the rapid increase in cyber-crime, it is imperative for businesses to invest more in security to protect vital organizational data and assets. While it is still necessary for businesses to continue to tackle traditional threats such as viruses, trojans, infected attachments, etc., insider threats require a whole new classification of insider threat detection program.

Insider threat actors will spoof a user’s credentials and appear as though they are a part of your daily business routine. In reality they are using cyber-espionage to seek out valuable data. They may be a new hire by a competitor or they may have a personal vendetta against you. Regardless of their motivations, businesses must take action against such attacks. By investing in an Insider Threat Detection program that features Insider Threat Deterrence, protecting IP can finally be accomplished.

Detect Suspicious Behavior Immediately

Gurucul risk analytics platform is comprised of an advanced correlation engine that allows security staff to easily detect suspicious behavior associated to fraud, misuse of business assets, data theft, or IT sabotage. This technology also performs monitoring, reporting, and scoring tasks for better detection and management of insider threats or outlier behavior patterns worthy of investigation.

Identify High-Risk Profiles and Threats

An Insider Threat Detection Program can be built around Gurucul’s Insider Threat Deterrence solution. Gurucul uses self-learning algorithms with event correlation, enrichment, data mining, and purpose-built analytics, to detect high-risk profiles of people and machines. The program is so sensitive that it can identify human behavioral events that reveal risky event patterns that an inside threat actor could execute.

Monitor and Manage Threats

An effective Insider Threat Detection Program, as mentioned earlier, uses numerous monitoring, reporting, and scoring tools. These tools make it easier for the security and forensic staff to monitor, detect, and manage different types of insider threats. The use of behavioral correlation tools can easily and instantly detect both external and internal threats. That is to say whether they be through persistent malware or credentials stolen through social engineering.

Other Benefits of an Insider threat detection progrAM

A mature Insider Threat Detection Program has many ancillary side-benefits:

  • By normalizing large amounts of heterogeneous event data, each enterprise can fully understand the depth of risk.
  • Logging in most large and medium enterprises is usually not of comprehension. Mapping out which systems are truly logging and what the risk patterns are, helps with availability. Also, helping with survivability scenarios to critical business assets.
  • Fraud prevention and detection is a huge white space that most organizations do not have a full insight on.
  • The ability to detect threats allows businesses to mature roles-based access controls. Likewise, it aligns the information security and compliance control infrastructure around that which is truly vulnerable.
  • All in all, Insider Threat Detection Programs can help businesses predict likely outcome and make better decisions. Also, deliver more effective results after detecting insider threat patterns that could lead to catastrophic loss.

Protecting your enterprise from insider threats is a necessary part of critical information security best-practices. But a more compelling economic benefit is rendered by Gartner. Research finds that “Adopters of User Behavioral Analytics can experience 5-1 ROI by 2017”. This may be a sound rationale alone to consider investing in an Insider Threat Detection program. Most importantly, a program as reliable as Gurucul’s Insider Threat Deterrence solution.

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