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25 Sep: For Vodafone Idea Ltd., Adding User Behavior Analytics Was Key to Its SOC Modernization

VI has a thoroughly modernized SOC that incorporates the most advanced technologies to protect the company’s vast …

18 Sep: Insider Threat Indicators: How to Predict, Detect and Respond to True Insider Threats

Explore key indicators of insider threats and gain insights on prediction, detection, and response strategies.

11 Sep: Detecting Insider Threats: The Critical Role of Predictive Security Analytics

Discover the role of predictive analytics in detecting insider threats. Learn how advanced metrics transform cybersecurity and mitigate risks.

05 Sep: Recognizing Potential Insider Threat Personas and How to Stop Them

Insider threats are internal risks to cybersecurity and data. Learn about insider threat personas, indicators, and how to detect them and prevent attacks.

31 Aug: September is National Insider Threat Awareness Month

September is National Insider Threat Awareness Month. Take advantage of Gurucul’s insider threat awareness resources & mitigation technology.

28 Aug: Famous Insider Threat Cases

We are sharing famous insider threat cases over the past few years to expose the serious risk of insider cyber attacks.

16 Aug: 5 Signs You Need an Insider Threat Program

Integrity isn’t enough to protect your organization from a catastrophic insider attack. Here are 5 indicators your company is at risk for an insider attack.

15 Aug: Black Hat USA 2023 Recap: The Year of Generative AI Everywhere

There is no doubt that Generative AI is emerging as a technology meteor, streaking fast across the collective consciousness of the cybersecurity community.

08 Aug: Optimize the Entire Security Operations Lifecycle Experience Using AI

The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) is an absolute game-changer in cybersecurity.

02 Aug: UEBA vs SIEM: The Key Differences of Each Solution

Though UEBA & SIEM each cover different cybersecurity areas, these solutions can complement each other quite well for the elimination of cyber threats.

27 Jul: Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Protecting Patient Data

Discover the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare and how to protect patient data.

18 Jul: What is an Insider Threat?

Insider threats are the biggest cyber security issue for companies and big organizations because they can cause the most damage.