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Gurucul is changing the way enterprises protect themselves against insider threats, account compromise and data exfiltration in both on-premises and cloud environments. The company’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and identity analytics (IdA) technology uses machine learning and predictive anomaly detection algorithms to reduce the attack surface for accounts, eliminate unnecessary access rights and privileges, and identify, predict and prevent breaches.  Gurucul provides a Hybrid Behavior Analytics (HBA) architecture with the breadth of IdA to UEBA, delivering in-depth holistic monitoring of on-premises and cloud environments.

Gurucul is backed by an advisory board comprised of Fortune 500 CISOs, and world-renowned experts in government intelligence and cyber security. The company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record of introducing industry-changing enterprise security solutions. Our mission is to help organizations protect their intellectual property, regulated information, and brand reputation, from insider threats and sophisticated external intrusions.

Gurucul technology is used globally by organizations to detect insider fraud, IP theft, external attacks and more. Gurucul is headquartered in Los Angeles.


"Second Year In A Row"
– Gurucul Selected as 2015 SINET 16 Member
American Security Today
Gurucul is changing the way government entities protect themselves against insider threats, account compromise, data exfiltration…
Gurucul Risk Analytics
“the most sophisticated example of behavioral analytics we have seen to date”

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Huge Federal Data Breach a Prelude to Even More Dangerous Exploits - Now that they have access, they're going to try phishing and social engineering," said Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul, a security identity analytics company
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IT Best Practices - Gurucul goes to great lengths to look at the identity of the person behind the suspicious activity in multiple dimensions ..
- Linda Musthaler
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A host of emerging vendors, such as Bay Dynamics, ClickSecurity, GuruCul, Fortscale and Securonix, are deploying big data techniques to quickly baseline the performance of an environment and detect anomalies that indicate attacks.
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Gurucul uses big data analytics to create a context around everything connected to the network -- users, accounts and devices.
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The self-audit portal shows activity on internal and cloud accounts, devices, geo-location and more. It can also map activity against peer groups and by resource type.
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Peer group analytics can zero in on suspicious or outlier patterns that don't just rely on huge shifts in behavior.
Why we need behavior-centric detection and response
Breach discovery can take days using traditional methods
-Leslie K. Lambert
Gartner 2014 IAM Cool Vendor – Gurucul Recognized as 2014 IAM Cool Vendor, U.S. and APAC
Gartner Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics - 2015 Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics, U.S.
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UBA is transforming security and fraud management practices because it makes it much easier for enterprises to gain visibility into user behavior patterns to find offending actors and intruders.” - Gartner
User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) continuously monitors hundreds of (employee behavior) attributes to detect and rank the risk associated with anomalous behaviors by keeping privacy of employees.
Instead of targeting hardened networks and application infrastructures, more and more bad actors..
User Behavior Analytics (UBA), can eliminate guesswork using big data and machine learning algorithms to assess the risk, in near-real time, of user activity.
In security you have to have a pretty high level of resilience, and you certainly have to have a good sense of humour.
Trusted insiders, especially those with elevated privileges, are often given access to tremendous amounts of sensitive information, regardless of whether they actually need that information to perform their jobs. - Leslie Lambert, CISO, Gurucul
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Anthem attack targeted internal users with privileged access to their systems, the network administrators.
WikiLeaks Posts CIA Director’s Personal Info
“It is one of the most critical threats right now,” said Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul, a company that provides identity-based threat detection.

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Info Security Products Guide Awards 2013

Network Products Guide Awards 2013

Network Products Guide Awards 2013

Golden Bridge Awards 2013

Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management - 2014

Bronze – Hot Technologies Suitable for the USA

Bronze – Governance, Risk and Intelligence

Gold – Information Security and Risk Management

Security Innovation Network - 2014

CDM Editors's Choice

CDM Cutting Edge

CTR - Most Valuable Product Award 2015

CIO Review - Promising RSA Security Solution Providers 2015

Security Innovation Network - 2015

GSN Best Big Data Analytics Solution

Hot Company – Insider Threat Detection

Best Product – Insider Threat Prevention

Best of Breed – User Behavior Analytics

SC Award 2016 Winner

SC Magazine Award 2006 - Europe

Coolest Security Startups of 2016 - CRN

Homeland Security Platinum Award for Cyber Excellence

CSO50 Award 2017

CDM - Best Product

Homeland Security Awards 2017

Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company – Finalist

User and Entity Behavior Analytics – Finalist

Infosec Awards - User Behavior Analytics

2018 Fortress Cyber Security Awards Best Analytics, UEBA Product

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