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Gurucul is a global cybersecurity company that is changing the way organizations protect their most valuable assets, data and information from insider threats and external cyberattacks, both on-premises and in the cloud. Gurucul’s real-time behavior based security analytics and intelligence technology combines machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, detect and prevent data breaches, fraud and insider threats. Gurucul’s Identity Analytics technology reduces the attack surface for accounts and eliminates unnecessary access rights and privileges to increase data protection.

Gurucul is backed by an advisory board comprised of Fortune 500 CISOs, and world-renowned experts in government intelligence and cybersecurity. The company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record of introducing industry-changing enterprise security solutions. Our mission is to help organizations protect their intellectual property, regulated information, and brand reputation from insider threats and sophisticated external intrusions.

Gurucul technology is used globally by organizations to predict, detect and stop insider fraud, IP theft, external attacks and more. Gurucul is headquartered in Los Angeles.

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Gurucul Named a Strong Performer for Security Analytics by Independent Research Firm

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Gurucul CEO Named Thought Leader of the Year by SC Media

Cybersecurity Insiders

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Gurucul is Named a Representative Vendor in Gartner 2019 Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection


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Gurucul Named Coolest Threat Detection Vendor for 2017 by CRN

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Cybersecurity Excellence 2018

User and Entity Behavior Analytics – Finalist

2018 Fortress Cyber Security Awards Best Analytics

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SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards 2018

Homeland Security Awards 2018

Platinum 2018 ASTORS Homeland Security Award

CSO50 Award 2019

CSO50 Award 2019

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