Gurucul Risk Analytics

Predictive Security Analytics to Detect Unknown Threats and Reduce Access Risks

Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) is a behavior based security analytics and intelligence platform on open choice of big data. GRA leverages over 1400 Machine Learning Models powered by data science to produce actionable risk intelligence. GRA does not rely on signatures, rules or patterns. It is intended – from the ground up – to identify zero-day threats and is designed to provide both contextual and situational awareness.

Gurucul Risk Analytics detects and stops malicious behavior before cyber criminals or rogue insiders can do harm. GRA is the only security analytics platform that can ingest all data sources out-of-the-box. It can ingest data from any source, including proprietary business applications, to give you the most accurate 360-degree view of a user’s or entity’s behavior. In addition, GRA runs on your choice of big data platform: Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Amazon EMR and more.

Gurucul Risk Analytics leverages a comprehensive risk engine which performs continuous risk scoring based on historical and current behavior. GRA provides real-time risk prioritized alerts for incident analysis. The dynamic risk scores can be used to trigger an automated risk-response workfloww.

Gurucul Risk Analytics leverages Gurucul Data MineTM, an open source big data backend. Gurucul Data MineTM is used to correlate, link and store data from applications, platforms, NetFlow, threat intelligence, and other security solutions. GRA uses this contextual information for machine learning, behavior analytics and deep learning.

Why Choose Gurucul Risk Analytics?

Gurucul offers advanced security analytics that goes beyond the traditional rules-based detective controls. GRA leverages big data and advanced machine learning algorithms to predict, detect and prevent insider threats, access outliers and cyber fraud in enterprise and cloud environments.

Model good behavior to expose unknown bad behavior through peer groups, clustering and outliers.

Analyze access and its abuse with identity-centric behavior analytics from big data.

Modify our analytics or build your own with Gurucul STUDIOTM.

Provide behavior analytics for on-premises and cloud application hybrid deployments.

Detect insider threats, account hijacking, data exfiltration and cyber fraud.

Leverage predictive security analytics to risk-score incidents and drive ‘find-fix’ focus.

Gurucul Risk Analytics Products

Gurucul Risk Analytics has three products that uniquely combine data science and machine learning models to deliver behavior based security analytics and intelligence:

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Provides behavior-based predictive risk scoring

• Risk-scored timeline to predict, detect and deter insider and advanced threats

• Identity-based threat plane behavior analysis for account hijacking and abuse

• Proactive and actionable alerting for anomalous behavior and risk scores

• High privileged access anomaly detection for misuse, sharing, or takeover

• Customizable dashboards, configurable policies and risk model optimization

• Work-centric UI with case management, or input to third-party solutions

• Self-audit portal deputizes users for risk awareness to detect identity theft

Identity Analytics

Provides risk-based compliance and provisioning

• Real-time 360-degree contextual view of identities, access and activities

• Identity analytics and roles from behavior analytics machine learning

• Radical reduction of accounts and access entitlements using behavior-based access

• High privileged access detection, plus obsolete, orphan and unused access reporting

• Risk-based certifications and dynamic access provisioning reduces effort and errors

• Access outlier discovery based on usage and dynamic peer group analytics

Cloud Security Analytics

Delivers a holistic real-time view of identity, access and activity, ensuring optimal security in the cloud

• Deliver advanced security analytics for SaaS cloud applications including IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS

• Leverage API-based cloud access security broker (CASB) architecture

• Provide users with a transparent experience in any location or network, with any device

• Synchronize seamlessly with UEBA and identity analytics on-premises and for hybrid environments

• Meter cloud applications at the account level based on access and activity

Gurucul Risk Analytics Capabilities

Gurucul Studio


Largest library of prepackaged machine learning models and the ability to build your own

Enterprise Risk Engine

Enterprise Risk Engine

Drive risk-based security controls and define risk your way

Alerting and Case Management

Alerting & Case Management

Comprehensive case management capabilities and alerting techniques

Visualization and Reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

Widget driven configurable dashboards and reporting for security operations, audit & compliance

Gurucul Miner

Gurucul Miner

Natural language contextual search for investigations

Risk Response Workflow

Risk-Response Workflow

Response workflows for automated risk remediation


Create custom machine learning models without coding and needing only a minimal knowledge of data science. Gurucul STUDIOTM provides a step-by-step graphical interface to select attributes, train models, create baselines, set prediction thresholds and define feedback loops. As part of Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA), STUDIOTM supports an open choice for big data and a flex data connector to ingest any on-premises or cloud data source. Step outside the black box and create custom models for your own predictive security analytics needs.

“Gurucul Risk Analytics reduced the number of accounts and entitlements by 83%, plus defined intelligent roles and provided dynamic access provisioning, using a behavior-based risk context.”

– AVP Cyber Security, IT Services Company

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