Gurucul Talks about Fraud Prevention at FS-ISAC Fall Summit

Presentation will Explain how Identity-based Data Science and Machine Learning can Detect Account Takeover, Misuse and Data Theft


Saryu Nayyar,CEO of Gurucul, a provider of identity-based threat detection and deterrence technology. She is a recognized expert in information security, identity and access management, and security risk management. Prior to founding Gurucul, Saryu was a founding member of Vaau, an enterprise role-management start-up acquired by Sun Microsystems. She has held leadership roles in product strategy for security products at Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Saryu also spent several years in senior positions at the IT security practice of Ernst & Young.

Gurucul customer, Sr. Director, Information Security and Data Systems at a leading payments company.

WHAT: Cyber criminals are using increasingly advanced techniques to obtain legitimate credentials and takeover high-value accounts. It is extremely difficult to detect criminal use of legitimate user credentials using traditional security mechanisms. In this session, “Fraud, Insider Threat & Access Misuse” the speakers will discuss how User Behavior Analytics (UBA) technology can detect anomalous or irregular account behavior, similar to the way fraud detection systems monitor credit card activity. They will explain how analytics are being applied to identity-based data from various sources to profile, baseline and risk score activity. The presenters will cover how this new approach is making it possible to detect otherwise “invisible” account takeovers and insider threats in order to prevent fraud.
WHERE: 2015 FS-ISAC Fall Summit
Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, CA
WHEN: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 from 9:45 am – 10:45 am


The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, formed in 1999, is a member owned non-profit and private financial sector initiative with over 5500 members and users in 45 countries. It was designed and developed by its member institutions. Its primary function is to share timely, relevant and actionable physical and cyber security threat and incident information to enhance the ability of the financial services sector to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate the risk associated with these threats. Constantly gathering reliable and timely information between its members, and from financial services providers, commercial security firms, government agencies, law enforcement and other trusted resources, the FS-ISAC is uniquely positioned to quickly disseminate physical and cyber threat alerts and other critical information. This information includes analysis and recommended solutions from leading industry experts. Please visit our website ( for additional information. The FS-ISAC Fall Summit will focus on “Intelligence into Action”.

About Gurucul

Gurucul is changing the way enterprises protect themselves against fraud, insider threats and external intruders both on premise and in the cloud. The company’s user behavior analytics and identity access intelligence technology uses machine learning and predictive anomaly detection algorithms to reduce the attack surface for accounts, unnecessary access rights and privileges, and identify, predict and prevent breaches. Gurucul technology is used globally by organizations to detect insider fraud, IP theft, external attacks and more. Gurucul is based in Los Angeles. To learn more, visit us at and follow Gurucul on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@Gurucul).