Gurucul Introduces Managed Security Analytics Service

Provides Dedicated Access to Data Science Experts for Design, Management and Optimization of Behavior Based Security Systems to Expedite Risk Detection and Response

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE) — Gurucul, a leader in behavior based security and fraud analytics technology for on-premises and the cloud, today announced Gurucul Labs, a turn-key managed security analytics service based on the Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) platform which provides the data science expertise many organizations lack to operationalize their investments in behavior based security analytics.

.@Gurucul introduces managed #securityanalytics service to provide dedicated access to #datascience experts for design, management and optimization of behavior based security systems #UEBA

Gurucul Labs combines people, processes and technology to help organizations discover unknown threats in real-time and expedite responses to malicious insiders, unusual usage activity, compromised accounts or hosts, network intrusions, data exfiltration and more. The service provides continuous machine learning algorithms and anomaly model tuning and refinement by data scientists based on intelligence gathered from the Carnegie Mellon US-CERT team, Gurucul’s other research partners, and global customers.

The Gurucul Labs service provides customers the following resources:

  • Security Architect: to ensure a robust and scalable security architecture (systems integration, cloud, hybrid, on-premise deployment architecture, security architecture) and security data validation
  • GRA Engineer: to facilitate GRA implementation, administration and maintenance activities
  • Security Analyst: to support security threat research, use case identification and design, first level triage of high-risk incidents, case investigation, fine tuning feedback, case management and reporting
  • Fraud Analyst: to research insider and third party fraud scenarios, suggest data tagging and access control, investigate fraud cases, perform impact analysis and suggest response actions
  • Data Scientist: to review data sets, behavior models and tuning suggestions

“Many organizations lack the in-house resources and expertise to optimize their investments in behavior based security analytics,” said Nilesh Dherange, chief technology officer for Gurucul. “Gurucul Labs eliminates this roadblock, and enables customers to operationalize the collective intelligence of Gurucul’s experts, research partners like the Carnegie Mellon US-CERT team and best practices from the Gurucul customer community — to protect their environments.”

Gurucul Labs Highlights

Gurucul Labs provides an end-to-end security analytics platform administration and maintenance service that includes:

  • Efficacy tracking and fine-tuning of out of the box analytical models to find true positive incidents for real-time threat detection and response
  • Configuration of threat use cases to address organization specific business and IT risks
  • Implementation and operationalization of machine learning models created in other systems using Gurucul STUDIO
  • Assist organizations in deploying GRA as a centralized analytics and risk engine to generate contextual risk prioritized alerts
  • On-going anomaly detection, findings triage, first level investigation, case management and reporting
  • User and role administration, data validation, system configuration and customization support
  • Ongoing system maintenance and health check including resource performance and utilization monitoring/optimization
  • Quarterly results effectiveness reports for senior management
  • Gurucul Labs scorecard to track anomalies, cases, model efficacy and data ingestion trends

The Gurucul Labs managed security analytics service is available immediately for cloud, hybrid,and on-premise deployments.

About GRA

Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) is a multi-use behavior based security and fraud analytics platform with an architecture that supports an open choice of big data for scale. It has the ability to ingest virtually any dataset for desired attributes and includes configurable prepackaged analytics. The Gurucul GRA platform includes UEBA, Fraud Analytics, Identity analytics and Cloud Analytics products. In addition, Gurucul STUDIO enables security teams to create custom machine learning models to meet unique customer requirements without coding and minimal data science knowledge. GRA ingests and analyzes huge volumes of data generated when users access and interact with business applications, in both the data center and the cloud, to generate risk scores, identify security threats and prevent data breaches. The Gurucul GRA platform has been successfully deployed by government agencies and Global Fortune 500 companies.

About Gurucul

Gurucul is a global cyber security and fraud analytics company that is changing the way organizations protect their most valuable assets, data and information from insider and external threats both on-premises and in the cloud. Gurucul’s real-time security analytics and fraud analytics technology combines machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, prevent and detect breaches. Gurucul technology is used by Global 1000 companies and government agencies to fight cyber fraud, IP theft, insider threat and account compromise. The company is based in Los Angeles. To learn more, visit Gurucul and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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