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Gurucul SaaS

Unified Security and Risk Analytics as a Service

Many organizations are rapidly shifting from traditional data centers to cloud based solutions. Gurucul SaaS scales and secures your cloud initiative providing a one stop shop view of your hybrid, cloud and enterprise security risk posture. Gurucul SaaS is a flexible platform that can be rapidly scaled to meet the needs of any size organization.

Cloud Deployment Model

Cloud-Deployment Model
Cloud-based security analytics solution is hosted and managed 24 x 7 x 365 by Gurucul.

Hybrid Architecture

Hybrid Architecture
Capture information from cloud and on-premises enterprise applications and infrastructure.

Collect More Than Logs

Collect More Than Logs
Collect application and security logs, network flows, vulnerability data, access entitlements and business transactions.

Easy to Outsource First Level Monitoring

Easy to Outsource First Level Monitoring
Gurucul Labs can configure and manage your environment plus do first level monitoring.


Ensure your data is segrated and secure.

Scale As You Go

Scale As You Go
Start small with a few resources and choose to add resources as you go.

Four Software Offerings

Unified Security Analytics

Intelligent Threat Hunting – Easily query contextual data using natural language searches

Log Aggregator – Collect, link, store and manage large volumes of log data

Network Traffic Analysis –Apply behavioral analytics to network traffic

SIEM –Detect signatures of existing cyber threats and write your own rules

SOAR –Automated workflows that mitigate identified threats

UEBA –Gurucul User and Entity Behavior Analytics


Real Analytics – Industry’s Largest Machine Learning Library

Reduce False Positives – Dynamic peer groups improve clustering and outlier machine learning accuracy

Model Driven Security –Drive actions using Gurucul’s unified risk score

Built For Scale –Store and access up to three years of data online

Build Your Own –Gurucul StudioTM allows you to make our analytics your analytics

Identity Analytics

Risk Based Certifications – Review risky access, not everything

Dynamic Provisioning – Risk based workflow instead of one size fits all

Privileged Access Intelligence – Discover users with privileged access

Outlier Access – Identify unnecessary access and remove it automatically

Intelligent Roles – Role comparison using Machine Learning and usage context

Fraud Analytics

Fraud Prevention and Detection – for industry specific fraud scenarios

Identify risky scenarios before they happen by combining Cyber context with traditional Fraud context

Build your own or customize existing models with Gurucul StudioTM

Integrate with existing fraud solutions (cloud or enterprise based)

Risk based fraud prevention automation

Why Gurucul SaaS?

Powered by Gurucul Risk Analytics, Gurucul SaaS leverages over 2000+ machine learning models to find hidden insights, without explicit rules and policies typically found in SIEM and log aggregation platforms. In any machine learning model, the quality, quantity and depth of data impacts the accuracy and usefulness of the predictions. Gurucul can collect the data right from the source — cloud or enterprise — and will keep it on line for three years. Combining Gurucul Data Mine™ and the power of Gurucul Machine Learning will provide your organization with an unprecedented view of cyber risk and compliance reporting, and enable you to take action all from a cloud-based SaaS offering.

Gurucul SaaS

Quick Time to Value: the software is installed and ready to be configured to your needs. No waiting on the data center for hardware or VM’s.

Effortless Maintenance: Gurucul provides upgrades and patches. Costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model.

Flexible Configuration: Gurucul SaaS is scalable and has out-of-the-box integrations with other SaaS offerings.

Pay As You Go: Subscription based software licensing. Only pay for what you need to monitor.

Work Anywhere: Users can access Gurucul SaaS from anywhere they are connected to in the internet.

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