Gurucul XDR

Drive High Efficacy Threat Detection & Automated Response with Cloud-Native Analytics Driven XDR

Gurucul Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a cloud-native analytics driven XDR platform that improves threat detection and incident response with no vendor lock-in, allowing you to use best-of-breed security solutions. It provides a single interface for analytics, detection, investigation and response.

Gurucul XDR automatically collects, correlates, links, and analyzes data from all your security components. It provides contextual threat hunting for investigations and enables a variety of incident response actions. Powered by our risk-driven analytics, Gurucul XDR allows your security teams to operate more efficiently – reducing risk, data loss, and operating costs.

Augmented Threat Detection

Machine Learning Behavior Analytics
Machine Learning Behavior Analytics
  • Detect anomalous behavior with ML and risk-scoring algorithms powered by analytics
  • Leverage a library of 2,000+ pre-packaged ML models pre-tuned to predict and detect threats for specific use cases and verticals
  • Utilize pre-packaged rules to detect signatures of existing cyber threats and write your own rules
Integrated Security Telemetry
Integrated Security Telemetry
  • Automatically collect, correlate, and link data from multiple security components for granular visibility
  • Integrate endpoint, network, application, and identity telemetry for real-time threat detection
  • Triage activity, access, and transaction data for a holistic view of threat indicators
Intelligent Risk Prioritized Narratives
Intelligent Risk Prioritized Narratives
  • Transform unified telemetry data into risk prioritized alerts
  • Centrally store event data, actions, and intelligence in a common format, which allows for contextualization and correlation across multiple systems
  • Automate detection logic with MITRE ATT&CK mapping across the entire kill chain

Faster Incident Response – Reduce Case Resolution Time by 67%

Rapid Incident Correlation & Causation
Rapid Incident Correlation & Causation
  • Contain threats across multiple layers faster with detailed correlation and contextual data
  • Leverage automated incident timelines that create smart links of the entire attack lifecycle for pre and post-incident analysis
  • Effectively trace attack origin and reconstruct steps with intelligent risk-prioritized telemetry data
Intelligent Centralized Investigation
Intelligent Centralized Investigation
  • Leverage a unified risk score to prioritize users and entities for investigation
  • Speed up investigations 30% using big data to mine linked users, accounts, entitlements, structured and unstructured data
  • Unify telemetry logs for contextual searches on big data for root-cause analysis after-the-fact to reduce investigation time
Surgical Automated Response
Surgical Automated Response
  • Automate response actions with risk-based triggers and orchestration playbooks
  • Reduce time to respond with built in case management that puts all the threats for an entity or a user under one umbrella
  • Automate newly discovered threat patterns and use pre-built threat categorizations to prioritize threat hunting

Gurucul XDR Advantage

Convert correlation to causation

Turn security telemetry into intelligent risk-prioritized narratives

Save time and reduce risk with real-time telemetry analytics

Reduce the noise and false positives with extensive context

Collect and store massive amounts of data without performance impact

Enhance the value of existing security technology investments

Deliver rapid time to value with out-of-the-box integrations

Gurucul Real-Time XDR Automation

Gurucul Real-Time XDR Automation


Gurucul XDR Datasheet

Gurucul XDR Datasheet

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Gurucul XDR Whitepaper

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