Safeguard against Insider Threat, Account Compromise and Data Exfiltration

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Traditional security products are falling short in today’s environments. Perimeters are fading, and new technologies like mobility, cloud, bring your own device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are challenging the status quo of information security. CISOs need a new innovative way of thinking about security as rule, pattern and signature-based solutions are increasingly evaded with ease. Gurucul’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) product provides risk-based behavior analytics essential for detecting insider threats, account hijacking and data exfiltration.

Why Choose Gurucul UEBA?

Using big data, Gurucul provides risk-based behavior analytics delivering actionable intelligence for security teams with low false positives.

Insider Threat Detection

Provides risk-based analytics, data mining, anomaly and behavior detection, to help identify high-risk profiles. Helps security teams by creating a baseline using profiling attributes from HR records, events, access repository, and log management solutions, to easily detect and predict abnormal user behavior associated with potential sabotage, data theft or misuse.

Data Exfiltration Prevention

Identifies threats using behavior analytics to pinpoint the origin, and prevent security breaches. Uses machine learning to detect anomalous activities and identify unauthorized data access. Leverages dynamic peer groups to highlight high-risk outlier actions, to reduce false positives with context that traditional data loss prevention tools cannot address.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Utilizes behavior-based risk and threat intelligence to proactively predict, detect and deter fraud. Maintains regulatory and compliance requirements for a number of industries including healthcare, finance, education, telecommunications, retail, etc., to help safeguard your company’s sensitive information.

Actionable Risk Intelligence™

Provides risk-ranked alerts with contextual visibility for the security team to shorten prevention, detection, investigation, and remediation cycle of risks and threats. Offers a manageable number of true positives that allows businesses to combat threats effectively.

IP Data Protection

Monitors privileged accounts with contextual information around who accesses your IP and regulated data. Provides risk-based alerting of anomalous behavior and the ability to prevent and deter a threat before it occurs. Meets compliance requirements across a multitude of platforms.


Enables end users with a customizable online view of their activity or with statements for reporting and review of anomalies and misuse of identity. Provides protection by “deputizing” end users into your risk management and mitigation processes. Promotes end user awareness with low false positives.

Gurucul Miner™

Offers a contextual search using big data to mine linked users, accounts, entitlements, structured and unstructured data, along with risk score and peer group analytics, which include the capability of saving and exporting results for reporting.


Delivers 100+ UEBA reports available out of the box, with the capability to customize, schedule and automate reports.

What makes Gurucul’s UEBA product more effective?

Gurucul’s UEBA product is built on PIBAE™ (Predictive Identity-based Behavior Anomaly Engine) architecture

Industry’s largest library of machine learning algorithms

Dynamic peer groups improve clustering and outlier machine learning accuracy

Awareness of time-based norms such as accepted workflows and operational changes

Built for scale with open choice big data

Peerless granular and self-tuning risk modeling capabilities

Out-of-the-box algorithms learn anomalous behaviors immediately upon deployment

“Gurucul really stood out because the analytics engine was the most powerful. The machine learning algorithms are the strongest. We saw results very, very quickly. There’s an amazing value for this type of solution.”

– CISO, Health Care Provider

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