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Webinar-AI Driven SOC Automation

December 10, 2020 10:00 AM PST

Gurucul has invested significant R&D efforts to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Security Operations Center (SOC) automation. Attend this webinar to learn about our cutting-edge capabilities to help reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) to security incidents.

Webinar-SIEM Advanced Threat Detection

December 17, 2020 10:00 AM PST

Advanced threat detection requires dynamic and proactive techniques powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and security analytics. Attend this webinar to learn how Gurucul’s beyond SIEM capabilities support advanced threat detection with risk prioritized alerts.

Webinar-Best Practices to Maximize the Benefits of Analytics-Driven SIEM

Whether you have experience with a legacy SIEM tool or are deploying a tool for the first time, there are some best practices to follow to get the most benefit from a modern analytics-driven SIEM.


Attend this webinar to learn how you can automate cyber defenses with machine learning models on big data.

Revolutionizing IAM Architecture with Machine Learning

Attend this webinar to understand:
• How machine learning improves IAM
• How Identity Analytics reduces the attack surface by radically reducing accounts and entitlements

Risk Scoring - Bringing Meaning to Raw Data

Gurucul takes siloed, disparate, security data sources, analyzes them, and presents a unified risk score that Security Operations personnel can actually use.  Join us to learn more.

Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare Life Saving Technology

Watch this webinar on securing medical devices to understand how advanced behavior analytics detects anomalies associated with security risks that can threaten patient safety.

The Future of Connected Devices: IoT Security

Watch this webinar to learn how Gurucul Behavior Analytics can weed out IoT anomalies since these devices perform a narrow set of functions that allow abnormalities to pop out.

Insider Threats-Deep Dive Case Studies for Advanced Analytics

Watch this webinar for an in-depth look at a couple of Insider Threat cases studies and how Advanced Behavioral Analytics can address the challenges posed by these pernicious threats.

Insider Threats - Advanced Analytics and Top Use Cases

Watch this webinar as we look at the main use cases in the Insider Threat space and how advanced analytics can help your organization mitigate the risk imposed by malicious insiders.

WebsitBrightTALK - Forrester XDR

Watch this webinar to understand how to integrate endpoint, network, and application telemetry for real-time threat detection and automated response.

Webinar-How to Build Risk Based Authentication Program

Watch this webinar to learn how Gurucul’s Risk Based Authentication can help you streamline, optimize, and personalize your user and customer authentication experience.

Webinar-Using User & Entity Behavior Analytics to Stop Advanced Threats

Watch this webinar to learn how to manage risk and make risk-based decisions in a world where zero day threats can take down entire networks in seconds.

Webinar-Compliance Controls

Watch this webinar to understand how Gurucul Unified Security and Risk Analytics offers real-time updates into behaviors that impact governance and compliance controls.

Webinar-Security Automation

Watch this webinar to understand how Artificial Intelligence can drive security automation at Machine Speed.

Webinar-Zero Trust Possible

Watch the Zero Trust Security Webinar for an expert analysis on the unique role that security analytics and security automation plays in achieving a genuine zero trust environment.

Take Security Beyond-SIEM with Behavior Analytics

Watch this webinar to learn how machine learning based behavior analytics takes security beyond SIEM correlation rules and queries.  By taking security beyond SIEM, you can identify risky changes in behavior patterns in real-time and automate corrective action. Get actionable intelligence with low false positives.

Webinar - Insider Threat Pgm

Practical Advice to Uplevel your Insider Threat Program Today

Watch this webinar to learn from a security practitioner perspective: What should you be doing? Gurucul has spent the last decade helping organizations globally to deter, predict, detect, and remediate insider risk. We have excellent experience to share as well as a framework we have used with many large, global companies.

Combat Phishing

Combat Phishing Attacks Using Modern Machine Learning Algorithms

Modern machine learning algorithms can detect the change in a user’s behavior from the moment the credentials are compromised. Detection can be tied to specific activities such as a series of failed login attempts, an atypical IP address or unusual activity in general.

Secure Data with a Remote Workforce

Securing Data with a Remote Workforce

Watch this webinar to find out how this free service can help you put advanced threat detection controls in place to identify users who are at risk from phishing attacks, detect users whose accounts may have been compromised, prevent data exfiltration, and more.

Who Watches the Watchers

Who Watches the Watchers?

Join us as we take a look at the Insider Threat problem from a different perspective. We’ll explore where the SOC sits in the picture, what could cause an analyst to turn to the dark side, and how to mitigate the risk.

Rise of Insider Threats

The Enemy Within: How Insider Threats Are Changing

As workforces go remote, new types of insider threats are cropping up. During Threatpost’s June webinar, a panel of experts including Saryu Nayyar, CEO at Gurucul; Craig Cooper, COO and SVP Customer Success at Gurucul; and Theatpost Editors Lindsey O’Donnell Welch and Tara Seals, discussed how to detect and prevent today’s insider-based malicious activity.

Global Security Operations with a Remote Workforce

Global Security Operations with a Remote Workforce

Watch this webinar to learn how AI-based advanced analytics serves as a force multiplier for remote SOC analysts. It can adapt seamlessly to the changing threat situation and empower the Security Operations team in the face of a brand new “normal.”

5 Indisputable Gaps in your Security Environment

5 Indisputable Gaps in your Security Environment

Even the most advanced security solutions have gaps. DLP, Firewalls, network monitoring – no solution is complete on its own. By leveraging the data and information you already have and analyzing it to build behavior profiles and look for anomalies, Gurucul is able to detect and stop cyber threats like never before.

access risks

Discover & Manage Access Risks in This Global Pandemic

Dealing with remote workers, a surge in temporary workers, headcount reductions, and a staggering demand for staff in some industries has radically impacted access controls across the board. The fastest and most efficient way to get actionable insights into your access risks with highest efficacy is by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform identity analytics on employee and contractor access.

Webinar - 5 Star Ingredients

5 Star Ingredients for a Successful Unified Security & Risk Analytics Program

Join Gurucul for Taco Tuesday! It’s Cinco de Mayo and we’re serving up Margaritas and ingredients for successful Unified Security and Risk Analytics programs. Join this webinar to learn our secret recipe when it comes to detecting, predicting and preventing data breaches.

Webinar - 3rd party risk

Third Party Risk: Secure Remote Contractors with Complimentary Monitoring Service

Gurucul has recently made a free 30-day Remote Workforce Monitoring Service. Attend this webinar to find out how leveraging our unique offerings can radically change the way you secure third party contractors working remotely.

Detect Unknown Cyber Threats with Network Traffic Analysis

Detecting Malicious Traffic on your Network

Stay ahead of attackers with Network Traffic Analysis. Identify unknown network threats on network flows and packet data. Detect endpoint malware missed by software dependent on signatures and known patterns. Discover and report any unknown or unseen devices on the network.

Super Bowl LII Security and Allina Health

Super Bowl LII: Protecting Players and VIP Data

Speaker: William Scandrett, CISO, Allina Health

Super Bowl LII was held in Minneapolis, MN – the home of Allina Health. Allina needed to monitor Healthcare providers activities to detect unauthorized or rogue access to patient’s data, and to prevent PHI data exfiltration.

BLOG: Model Driven Security Orchestration Webinar

Model Driven Security Orchestration

Speaker: Kurt Lieber, CISO, Aetna

Organizations need to be looking at Model-Driven Security Orchestration, where the security responses to emerging threats and attacks are automated and driven at machine speed. In this presentation, Kurt Lieber provides an overview of Aetna’s security orchestration program.

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