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Defend Against State and State-Sponsored Threat Actors

Cyber Protection Is the Mission


The United States faces persistent and increasingly sophisticated malicious cyber campaigns that threaten DoD and civilian agencies, and ultimately the American people’s security and privacy. The Federal Government must heighten its efforts to identify, deter, protect against, detect, and respond to these actions and actors.



  • Centralize and streamline access to cybersecurity data to drive analytics for identifying and managing cybersecurity risks
  • Predict, detect, and prevent data breaches, insider threats, and other risky activity
  • Protect essential information on premise and in the cloud
  • Eliminate unnecessary access rights and excessive privileges to increase data protection
  • Meet and surpass regulatory compliance mandates
  • Adhere to threat framework models for cybersecurity protection such as MITRE ATT&CK and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework


  • Reduce the noise and false positives with extensive context
  • Collect and store massive amounts of data without performance impact
  • Enhance the value of existing security technology investments
  • Deliver rapid time to value with out-of-the-box threat content and integrations


Utilizing machine learning and trained on a massive database of real-world incidents, our platform is constantly learning from the environment it’s protecting, whether it’s on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

It can identify, prioritize, and alert on risks before they become breaches. Gurucul helps overcome your resource constraints with the information your SOC team needs to resolve incidents.


Top Federal Government Use Cases

Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection and Response

Prevention is the first pillar of cybersecurity, but some threats may not get blocked at the perimeter. In those instances, quick detection and response are key. Gurucul leverages advanced analytical techniques to uncover even the stealthiest attacks.

Insider Threat Detection and Deterrence

Insider Threat Detection & Deterrence

Government agencies have mission-critical information at risk and need to stay ahead of the threats. Gurucul uses behavioral identifiers bolstered by pre-built machine learning models and artificial intelligence to accurately detect and mitigate insider threats before damage is done.

Accelerate Zero Trust

Zero Trust Controls

Implementing Zero Trust controls is a top priority across government agencies and military branches. Gurucul’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) enables Zero Trust controls by detecting and stopping malicious behavior from wherever it occurs, whether it’s by external cyberattacks or malicious insiders.

Prevent Successful Ransomware

Ransomware Protection

Gurucul detects and prevents ransomware attacks by stopping the malicious payload at download. Even if it were to successfully download onto the endpoint, the additional steps of running scripts and running exploits and attacks in memory can be stopped.

Privileged Access Abuse

Privileged Access Abuse

Privileged accounts are prone to social engineering and other theft techniques that allow an attacker to misuse legitimate permissions to perform malicious actions. Gurucul detects anomalous access to sensitive data which is not consistent with normal employee behavior.

Achieving Compliance Objectives

Regulatory Compliance

Gurucul’s platform helps to facilitate compliance with standards and regulations such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800-53, EO 14028, PCI DSS, FISMA, USGCB, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.