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Every Security Operations Center (SOC) relies on the careful coordination between people, processes, and tools. Yet opposing factors are constantly disrupting this balance, like the rapid pace of IT, intense threat landscape, deluge of data, and complexity of managing disparate point solutions. With so much turbulence, it’s hard to focus and prioritize.

The Problem with Point Solutions

It’s common to identify pain in one part of the threat lifecycle and buy a piece of technology to fix it. But then you need more processes and people to manage the point solution, which doesn’t solve the underlying issues and creates more blind spots and gaps. No SOC team wants to switch between multiple panes of glass chasing false positives.

Threa Actors Have The Advantage, While You Hold The Technical Debt

Threat Actors Can Exploit Security Team Blind Spots

Threat actors target SOC blind spots at the intersection between your people, environments, and technology. Without converged security analytics, they can exploit these gaps in the SOC:

    • Visibility is reduced by limited or siloed data
    • Attack surface is growing
    • SOCs are short-staffed or have skill gaps
    • Analysts are overwhelmed with unprioritized alerts
    • MTTD and MTTR is impeded by manual processes
    • Costs for overlapping point solutions are increasing

SOC Teams Lack the Tools to Stop Real Threats

To stop more threats—without more staff, more tools, or more costs—SOC teams can embrace technology that improves their collaboration and coordination.

Key benefits of Converged Security Analytics:

    • Eliminates gaps that attackers can exploit by improving visibility into all risks
    • Improves efficiency and lowers costs
    • Manages threats in a more coordinated way across environments
Unlock The Unrestricted Potential of Your Security Talent

Unlock Your SOC with Converged Security Analytics

Activity is not a measurement of performance unless it’s meaningful and effective. When analysts must piecemeal alert context manually just to find a false positive, they risk wasting precious time on the wrong things. Technology and processes must augment the skills of humans. Converged security analytics with embedded ML/AI helps safeguard your organization against agile and unrestricted threat actors.

Technology Benefits

Operational Benefits

Unify all relevant security data for holistic observability Take purposeful, precise action from accurate insights
Unlimited scale and open choice for data lake without ingestion cost hikes Continuously improve processes and professional development
Contextualize risk via Machine Learning to prioritize threats Identify and address new, emerging, and unknown threats
Adapt to your environments unique requirements and workflows Reduce time to detect and remediate
Deliver automation across the full SecOps lifecycle Collaborate better across the business

Outpace Threats with Gurucul for the SOC

The limitations of legacy SIEMs sparked the emergence of EDR, XDR, UEBA, ITDR and SOAR to fill the gaps. They are deployed as point solutions or are bolted on. Gurucul’s cloud-native converged security analytics platform, or Next-Gen SIEM, unifies the data sources and capabilities of these siloed solutions into a single ML/AI powered platform.

Unleash the power of SIEM, UEBA, Identity & Access Analytics, and SOAR within a single analytics engine to universally manage threat detection and response. Let Gurucul become your sole source of truth and power for the SOC.

Converged Security Analytics Cloud-Native SaaS Platform

Capture What’s Relevant

Choose your data lake and rapidly ingest any unknown, proprietary, structured, or unstructured data at unlimited scale.

Discern Real Threats

Accurately predict and detect real threats with 2,500+ trained and customizable ML models. Cross-validate all data against a robust library of threat content and 3rd party threat intelligence.

Execute With Precision

Risk-driven context lowers MTTD and MTTR from months to minutes and helps to automate your response across the entire SecOps lifecycle with customizable playbooks and 3rd party integrations.

A Cyber Security Program for Any Stage

Cyber security program maturity and technology debt varies greatly from one organization to another. Change is hard, but Gurucul offers a flexible platform capable to meet you where you’re at and where you want to be.

Already have an existing SIEM?
Start by augmenting your SIEM with high-fidelity threat detection, then drive your roadmap toward complete SOC transformation.
Making your first SIEM purchase?
Explode off the starting block with fast, frictionless data ingestion and out-of-the-box ML models and playbooks.
Managing an Insider Threat Program?
Gurucul started in the UEBA space 10+ years ago. No one can solve this use case better. Customize our converged security analytics platform to your program.

Cyber Security Analytics Solutions

For more than a decade, Gurucul has been quietly creating the industry’s most advanced converged security analytics platform for SOC teams to detect and respond to threats for some of the largest global companies across the globe. Explore our solutions.

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