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Gurucul Snowflake Technology Alliance

The Gurucul Security Analytics and Operations Platform drives high-efficacy threat detection with machine-learning based behavior analytics. Gurucul Connected App integrates with Snowflake to provide customers with the following benefits.

  • Analyze, correlate, and generate security alerts on data residing in Snowflake through the Gurucul Connected App
  • Alerts and Risk scores generated in Gurucul can be ingested back into Snowflake
  • Gurucul Connected App Federated Search enables running threat hunting queries against data in Snowflake using the familiar Snowflake syntax
  • Gurucul integrates and enriches other security data and telemetry which along with Federated Search against Snowflake data provides analyst with a single pane of glass view across their investigations
  • Gurucul connected app can collect, enrich, analyze data from telemetry sources not in Snowflake and then can ingest that data into Snowflake
Snowflake Integration Diagrams