Gurucul Tenable Technology Alliance

The Gurucul Security Analytics Platform drives high-efficacy threat detection and automated response with machine learning-based behavior analytics. The following integrations with Tenable.io are focused on enhancing alerts by adding contextual vulnerability information.

  • Real-time correlation of vulnerability data against other security events and alerts in Gurucul
  • Enhance above detections using vulnerability context to prioritize investigation and remediation
  • Raise alert risk scores in Gurucul based on vulnerability data from scans
  • Prioritize vulnerability management using enriched context from user/entity attributes and risk scores
  • Attain a 360° view of vulnerable devices using alerts and dashboard capabilities
  • Prioritize scanning for vulnerable or targeted devices
  • Discover previously unknown hosts and assets to Gurucul
  • Centralize vulnerability alerting and reporting

Gurucul Tenable Integration
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