How Directories and Identity Management are Changing


EAB video series # 5 (out of 6)

Hear cyber security leaders talk about evolution of identity management and use (or misuse) of typical directory solutions.

Organizations have been utilizing directory solutions and identity management systems to provide employees access oftentimes not understanding it completely. In today’s changing environment we cannot bucket employees the way traditional systems were made to implement. Having user behavior analytics with dynamic peer groups allows monitoring of employee behavior as compared to the peers. At times employees might be putting organization at risk inadvertently other times it is an insider threat. In addition, information exchange beyond the corporate environment is happening continuously and not staying within certain walls. This is because most businesses have vendors or partners who are outside the domain. In addition, organizations have cloud based solutions which add to this information exchange. To tackle these, behavior analytics that is based on identity access intelligence along with cloud capabilities is essential in today’s evolving world.

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