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Gurucul strongly believes in a Customer First culture. We partner with your organization to deliver a wide breadth of predictive security analytics services. We combine best of breed practices and technologies to provide high value solutions to our clients. Gurucul works with all levels in an organization to ensure your vision and goals are fulfilled with a practical and achievable approach.

Gurucul Services operate with the following principles:
  • Your Success is Our Success
  • Solution Simplicity
  • Measurable Deliverables
  • Short Achievable Milestones

Gurucul’s professional services team can help you protect your infrastructure and sensitive information quickly and reliably when we bring our best practices to your deployment. Our experts will help you design the solution, refine requirements, define use cases, set up your environment, identify/integrate the right data sources, set baselines, and provide go-live support so you can realize rapid results.

Gurucul can also provide more strategic advice for program planning, architecture, governance and compliance.

Assessment Services

Not sure where to start? Gurucul professionals will come into your organization and help you assess your situation. Our assessment methodology includes clearly defining the assessment scope and objectives, reviewing the current state, identifying gaps by comparing your current state with industry standards, and your organization goals. The final deliverable consists of a report outlining key findings and a plan to close any gaps identified.

Assessments are typically customized to meet your needs. Some of our most popular includes:
  • Insider Threat / Fraud
  • Access Compliance and Clean up
  • Intelligent SIEM & DLP Analytics
  • Information Classification and Controls
  • Cloud Security Analytics
  • RBAC / Role Health Check
  • IAM Program Assessment

Quick Start

Gurucul’s Quick Start methodology enables your organization to demonstrate value in weeks instead of months. Gurucul Quick Start Program provides organizations with onsite services conducted by Gurucul professionals. The Gurucul team will help you install Gurucul appliance(s), load data sources, and start achieving results. In less than 4 weeks, you can have your highest priority applications featured in your production implementation.

Enterprise Deployment Services

Gurucul Enterprise Deployment Services help organizations execute efficiently, and produce fast results. Our service professionals will provide design and architecture services to ensure that your deployment will scale to meet your long-term needs. Our service professionals have years of experience in integrating systems and tuning Gurucul software to create Actionable Risk Intelligence™ to detect and deter risks to your sensitive information. Enterprise Deployment Services provide experienced professionals that will help you to get familiar with your new implementation, and recommend an extensive set of security and fraud solutions to ensure your program’s success.

Managed Services

Need help managing your deployment, or short on resources? Let Gurucul Managed Services do it for you. Gurucul’s Managed Services will oversee your deployment, conduct daily health checks, tune your system, and ensure your system is running as designed. In the event there is an issue, Gurucul will troubleshoot the issue and work with your organization to resolve it quickly and efficiently. Gurucul professionals will also maintain your implementation, apply patches to ensure your implementation is up to date, and provide configuration change management services as your enterprise infrastructure changes. Additionally, this service provides a monthly report summarizing the information processed, patches applied, incident response, and resolution information.

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