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Remote Third Party Workforce Service

Fast, Effective Remote Workforce Security Controls

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has forced many of our customers to act quickly to protect the health of their employees and the larger community by asking employees to work from home which introduces new security challenges.  In response, Gurucul has recently made a free 30-day Remote Workforce Service available to our customers.  In addition to monitoring an organization’s employees, the capabilities of this service can also help companies that outsource IT services to Third Party Service Providers such as WIPRO, TATA, and Infosys.  Gurucul’s Remote Workforce Service helps customers manage the remote employees and contractors of Third Party Service Providers.

Machine Learning and Behavior Analytics

Gurucul’s rich behavior analytics and machine-learning (included as part of the Remote Workforce Service) allows you to quickly create a behavioral baseline for your Service Provider’s remote workers enabling you to identify and respond to any suspicious activity or threat.

The Gurucul Remote Workforce Service provides visibility into remote workers’ VPN activities.  The method of capturing the VPN information is accomplished based on two common scenarios:

  • Scenario 1Service Provider remote workers were previously logging directly into your network and VPN.  Under this scenario, Gurucul is already capturing the VPN activities of your Service Provider’s remote employees under our current contract agreement with the Service Provider.
  • Scenario 2 – Service Provider remote employees were previously connecting through the Service Provider from the Service Provider’s Offshore Development Center (ODC) or Clean Room which connects to your network through a dedicated line.  Under this scenario, Gurucul partners with several of the large Service Providers and as a result, Gurucul is already collecting our Partners’ log information as part of our service agreement with the Service Provider.  For Service Providers that do not have a current partnership with Gurucul, Gurucul will provide those Partners a SaaS service and collect the log data either through a batch upload or dedicated tunnel.

Regardless of the data collection scenario, adhering to privacy requirements is of utmost importance to Gurucul.  As such, Gurucul does not collect remote workers’ personal information.

Threat Hunting

Gurucul’s Threat Hunting capabilities included in the Remote Workforce Service allows resource-strapped security teams to work more efficiently.  Gurucul’s Threat Hunting Service that leverages machine-learning and behavior analytics will only flag alerts for remote workers who are deviating from their normal methods of connecting to your network.  Gurucul’s analytics can detect these deviations based on several different parameters including the time of day, geo-location including longitude and latitude, device, and IP address from where the user is connecting.  Gurucul’s Service can also resolve the IP address to an exact pinpoint location – even down to the Internet Service Provider.   Gurucul’s IP resolution updates are near real-time.  This critical information is provided to you through Gurucul’s Risk Analytics Dashboard.

Built-In Threat Intelligence

Beyond capturing machine behavior deviations for potential threats, Gurucul’s Remote Workforce Service can also identify other threats such as phishing attempts and connections from known malicious IP addresses.

COVID-19 Cyber Threat Research Lab

In response to COVID-19, Gurucul has established a Cyber Threat Research Lab that draws data from both our customer consortium as well as threat intelligence data Gurucul’s Research Team is updating in near real-time from Gurucul’s ecosystem.  Gurucul also provides customers with the ability to define specific activities and behaviors they deem risky based on their business policies.  Customers can provide their specifications to Gurucul by contacting Gurucul’s Research Team, using Gurucul Threat Hunting Service or by leveraging Gurucul STUDIOTM – all of which are included free as part of Gurucul’s Remote Workforce Service.  Once captured, these specifications will be included in the behavioral model which will then be monitored and enforced by Gurucul.

COVID-19 Pre-Packaged Solution

Gurucul Remote Workforce Service’s Prepacked Solution for COVID-19 provides:

  • Risk Analytics Dashboard specifically designed to identify risks associated with deviations from the Service Provider’s Employees/Contractors’ VPN activities and remote connections. The Risk Analytics Dashboard can be customized by your security analyst based on any attribute.
  • Workflows to ensure alerts and threat information gets channeled to the right individuals on your teams.


We understand that this is a difficult period for your organization and recognize that managing security risks has become even more challenging. We hope that our Remote Workforce Service provides your organization with additional resources to safeguard your information.

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