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SOC Transformation

Fully Eliminate the Gaps Across Current Security Operations Programs


Accelerated migration to cloud environments and shifts in a hybrid work force combined with an increase in nation state and supply chain attacks are causing security teams to re-evaluate the effectiveness of their security operations. Based on the success of ransomware and other attacks it has become clear that phishing, social engineering, and supply chain attacks are virtually impossible to fully defend against. This has fueled a re-focus on visibility, monitoring, detection, and timely response of persistent and targeted attack campaigns by security operations center (SOC) teams.



With Gurucul’s Security Operations Platform, Security Operations Centers (SOCs) can accomplish a significant transformation through the following:

  • Drop in deployment as a SaaS offering in any cloud environment including across multi-cloud environments
  • Without limitations or customization, ingest a full set of telemetry across your entire infrastructure for detection, investigation, and incident response.
  • Eliminate unrelated alerts and false positives to home in on attack campaigns while automating correlation and chaining together of related events.
  • Evolve your threat detection through included threat content powered by proprietary and curated threat intelligence, advanced analytics and trained (not rule-based) machine learning to rapidly identify new, unknown, and emerging attacks and variants.
  • Employ cloud, IoT and identity-based machine learning models and analytics to better adapt to changes in the threat landscape.
  • Apply behavioral analysis techniques across various analytics to get a baseline of the current environment and better distinguish between anomalous, suspicious, and malicious activity
  • Move from just detection to protection through adaptive, contextual, and targeted response that is of high-fidelity and less disruptive than current playbooks


Gain Full Observability across every corner of your infrastructure any application, device, user, identity, cloud, known, unknown, structured, and unstructured data. With Gurucul’s Automated Data Interpretation Engine, Data Pipelining, and User/Entity based Licensing we automatically ingest, normalize, correlate, and analyze anything you point at us without needing customization. Gurucul is unique in its ability to deliver a SaaS solution hosted in any cloud environment, AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Oracle, etc.

Harness the Power of Analytics that goes beyond traditional SIEM or even XDR solutions to combine real-time stream analysis, linking seemingly disparate events and then applies multiple analytics, including behavioral science to baseline and home in on and distinguish anomalous from malicious behavior. Tying all these together to provide a concise picture of the full scope of the attack campaign is done through a machine learning engine (ML) that doesn’t rely on fixed rule-based ML but can adapt to even new attacks or variants. With our behavioral analytics combined with extensive endpoint, log, network, and identity analytics, can also be used to monitor for and detect both insider and external threats.

Automate Manual Tasks across every part of the SOC lifecycle. Automate correlation and eliminate alert fatigue, automate and link together events to eliminate false positives, automate detection through included threat content that is powered by automatically curated threat intelligence, automatically prioritize investigations, automate prioritization of responses through an enterprise-class risk engine that doesn’t just average CVE/CVSS scores.

Streamline workflows that adapts to your current environment, incorporates case management capabilities, dynamically creates playbooks with rich context and targeted actions, and prioritizes them to provide a full plan for remediation. In addition, work with existing ITSM and GRC platforms to ensure adherence to company and regulatory procedures and compliance.



Gurucul’s Security Operations platform has the right features that span across the entire SOC lifecycle to power your organization’s SOC transformation. Gurucul enhances your visibility to 100% observability, maps out the full scope of the attack campaign, identifies both internal and external threats, automates manual tasks, and prioritizes investigation and response actions. Gurucul-powered SOC transformation greatly reduces your Mean-time-to-detection (MTTD) and Mean-time-to-response (MTTR).