Why Gurucul?

Our Competitive Advantage

Gurucul’s Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform answers the question: Is anomalous behavior risky?

This is our competitive advantage and why we’re different than everyone else in this space. We don’t waste your time with alerts on anomalous activity that isn’t risky. We use context to determine whether behavior is risky. Context is critical.

Telling you what’s happening is not helpful. Telling you when something bad is happening is the Gurucul difference. That’s information you can act on.

So, how do we do it?

Big Data Lake Agnostic with boxes inside a cloud

Open Choice Big Data

We put your data to work. We are the only security analytics company that can consume all your data out-of-the-box. We can ingest data from any source – SIEMs, CRMs, Electronic Medical Records, Identity and Access Management systems, end points – you name it, we ingest it into our enterprise risk engine.

If you have proprietary business applications – we can take that data and aggregate it with your other data sources to give you the most accurate 360 degree view of a user’s (or entity’s) behavior.

In addition, Gurucul is big data lake agnostic. We can run our analytics on your choice big data platform. If you don’t have a data lake, we’ll give you Hadoop for free – for use with our platform.

None of our competitors offer you open choice of big data.

Gurucul's Largest Machine Learning Library

Largest Machine Learning Library

We correlate and normalize your security analytics on big data using the largest machine learning library on the planet – over 2000 machine learning models. Why is that such a big deal? Because our competitors use signatures, patterns, rules and policies which are by definition restrictive. They can only detect known behavior patterns. What about the unknowns?

We provide essential value with out-of-the-box algorithms that learn anomalous behaviors immediately upon deployment. With Gurucul, you’ll see results as soon as we’re deployed. Our customers have been able to find compromised accounts on day 1, which is why they move forward with us. Gurucul delivers results.

Our machine learning algorithms literally learn as more data gets ingested – so we can detect unknowns. And, with Gurucul STUDIOTM, you can easily create custom machine learning models without having to write a single line of code.

Enterprise Risk Engine

Enterprise Risk Engine

Our Enterprise Risk Engine ingests all your data feeds in real-time and generates a single risk score for every user and entity in your environment. We provide intelligent prioritized risk scores based on user and entity behavior – so you can make smart decisions quickly.

Here’s our most critical differentiator: we only alert you when anomalous behavior is risky. We deliver actionable intelligence for security teams with low false positives. This is extremely hard to do without our technology. Instead of getting 30,000 SIEM alerts of unknown context you cannot possibly investigate, we give you 30 true positives. That’s a manageable number your security team can process.

Pure Play Analytics computer screen

Open Analytics

Gurucul Risk Analytics offers open analytics. Our competitors give you black box analytics which means you don’t know how their risk scores are calculated so you cannot trust their results. We show you exactly how our risk scores are calculated. You can edit our machine learning models or build your own with our “drag and drop” canvas interface. Want to change the risk decay method? Go right ahead with Gurucul STUDIOTM.

Gurucul Risk Analytics is powered by robust machine learning models built by data scientists. We don’t only use rules, patterns or signatures like SIEMs. We don’t deliver light-weight, siloed analytics on point data feeds like privileged access management products. Gurucul Risk Analytics is more than just a SIEM. Yes, we can replace your SIEM, but more importantly we can leverage your existing security investments. We’ll consume all the data from your SIEM as well as activity and event feeds from your other security applications. We’ll run our analytics on big data and produce a single prioritized risk score for every user and entity in your organization based on behavior and context. All you have to do is investigate high risk users and entities. It’s that easy.

Natural Language Contextual Search with a magnifying glass

Natural Language Contextual Search

Investigate incidents quickly with Gurucul MinerTM. Only Gurucul offers contextual search using big data to mine linked users, accounts, entitlements, structured and unstructured data, along with risk score and peer group analytics. From a single console, you can use any query you like to investigate incidents and correlate data across channels. You can save and export results for reporting and compliance purposes.

Unlike traditional threat hunting tools and SIEMs, Gurucul MinerTM uses artificial intelligence capabilities to uncover all behavior patterns and data relationships that map to the search profile. It conducts natural language searches across any combination of structured and unstructured data to provide a 360 degree view of user and entity behaviors based on HR/profile attributes, events, accounts, access permissions, devices, cases/tickets and anomalies. This enables Gurucul Miner to reduce case resolution time by 67%.

For example, when Gurucul Risk Analytics detects high risk user activity typically associated with an account compromise attack, SOC analysts can use MinerTM to gain a universal view of all user or entity activity that exposes relationships with HR systems, accounts, access, company owned and BYOD devices across data center and cloud, as well as links to security alerts, behavior anomalies and cases. MinerTM also provides a pivot function on any of these elements to achieve a deeper understanding of risky behavior patterns, relevant data relationships and predictive insights.

Cost Effective behavior analytics software

Fixed Price Transparent Infrastructure

One of the issues with competitive solutions and SIEMs is that these vendors charge based on the volume of data. We want you to build your security analytics as big as possible. You need to be able to bring in lots of different kinds of data. And, you need to know the price up front. You don’t want the price to grow the more you use the product. You need to partner with a vendor like Gurucul that does not charge based on the quantity of data. This is one of the reasons enterprises choose Gurucul. We don’t charge you for data, period. We want to ingest at much data as possible to give you a 360 degree view of all your users and entities. We’ll run our analytics engine on your data lake or ours – whichever you prefer.

Gurucul really stood out because the analytics engine was the most powerful. The machine learning algorithms are the strongest. We saw results very, very quickly. There’s an amazing value for this type of solution.

– William Scandrett, CISO, Allina Health

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