SIEM Data Ingestion: Bane of the SOC?

For most current SIEMs, their primary function is to collect and ingest data, primarily logs, across the entire network. While the core function and deployment of the SIEM has been for logging, data retention and compliance, it has evolved over the last decade to be more focused on identifying increasingly complex threats.

Why Is More Data Problematic?

The traditional school of thought has been that SOC teams should not try to feed the SIEM every log and data source from all the business infrastructure. There have been two reasons for this:

  1. The more data you feed into your SIEM, the more alerts you create leading to an increased number of false positives.
  2. The cost of your SIEM dramatically increases over time, often unpredictably. This is because most SIEMs charge based on the amount of data ingested and collected. This equates to customers getting penalized the more they want to protect their organization. Adding additional security analytics such as UEBA or NTA simply exacerbates the problem with more alerts.

The result is: security teams suffer serious burnout, not to mention the burying of a real attack campaign potentially getting missed altogether.

How This Impacts Security Teams

The limitations of current SIEM solutions have drastically inhibited security teams from gaining the visibility necessary to identify and respond to an attack before it can impact an organization. Beyond penalizing customers with higher licensing fees for more data ingestion, current solutions have proven inadequate in terms of handling the capacity of data, leveraging it for security purposes (i.e., preventing breaches) and improving overall security operations.

Flipping the Narrative

Security teams need to stop being limited by the very vendors that are pitching visibility and detection. Further, these vendors charge exceedingly for architecture and deployment services, more data, and more parsers.

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM offers a solution that automatically ingests and interprets any data source, works in complex hybrid-cloud and geographically dispersed locations, scales predictably, and lowers your overall operational and storage costs.

Read Our Whitepaper for More

To learn more about our Next Generation SIEM and how we have innovated to flip the narrative on current SIEMs, check out our white paper, “Improving Data Ingestion While Decreasing Complexity and Cost.”


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