Gurucul Wins Best Big Data Reporting Solution in 2022 CODiE Awards

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM earns prestigious industry recognition for advanced ML analytics, threat content and patented risk engine

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 8, 2022) – Gurucul, a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, XDR, UEBA, and Identity Access Analytics, today announced that Gurucul’s Analytics-Driven Next Generation SIEM (available as part of Gurucul’s Security Analytics and Operations platform) has been named the best Big Data Reporting and Analytics Solution of 2022 as part of the annual SIIA CODiE Awards. The CODiE Awards recognize the companies producing the most innovative business technology products across the country, and around the world.

“The Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM’s CODiE Award win for Big Data Reporting and Analytics further recognizes our deep commitment to developing security solutions aligned with customer objectives to accelerate their threat detection, investigation and response programs, while improving TCO,” said Saryu Nayyar, Gurucul’s CEO. “For one, we don’t penalize our customers for increasing data ingestion that improves overall observability. We actually want more data and therefore charge by assets monitored. Couple that with automated data ingestion for any data source, industry-leading depth and breadth of analytics that includes over 2600 transparent machine learning models, and comprehensive threat content, we can reduce manual tasks, automate detection, and streamline investigations. In addition, with our full enterprise-class risk engine and dynamically generated playbooks, we can improve response times with prioritized and more precise actions to thwart internal and external threat actors from disrupting operations, stealing sensitive data, or detonating ransomware.”

Most SIEM and XDR products still deluge the Security Operations team with a flood of information without context and lack the necessary analytics across all potential data sources to quickly identifying known, new, and unknown threats. This leads to manual correlation, chasing false positives, and prolonged investigation of events that hampers the effectiveness of security teams. Gurucul takes a different approach that leverages the industry’s largest library of threat content and machine learning (ML) based advanced analytics and delivering risk-prioritized contextual alerts not prioritizing investigations, but also reducing investigation time. While other vendors rely on rule-based ML, essentially static flow-charts, Gurucul has developed a true trained ML engine that can adapts to customer environments, while also better distinguishing between abnormal, suspicious, and malicious activity.  By applying these unique capabilities across massive volumes of data in a vendor-agnostic data lake, Gurucul looks across all events and varied telemetry (for multi-cloud, on-prem infrastructure, identity, and applications) to provide complete and precise threat visibility, detection, and response actions to security teams.

Benefits of Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM include:

  • Support Multi-Cloud Architectures– The Gurucul platform can operate in any and multiple cloud environments. It provides pre-built connectors to easily ingest logs and identity access data across popular cloud-based services, such as Office365, AWS, Google Apps, Azure, GCP, Workday, and Salesforce, along with prepackaged threat content and advanced analytics for real-time detections to extend security monitoring and prevent blind spots. These capabilities uniquely allow us to understand the full scope of the attack campaign even as associated threats are spread across multi-cloud, remote and on-premises environments over time.
  • Identify Full Scope of the Attack Campaign– Gurucul’s out-of-the-box comprehensive threat content, advanced analytics, behavior-based models, and risk scoring algorithms detect threats in real-time and provide risk prioritized alerts leading to a drastic reduction in Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD). Security analysts can focus on investigating high fidelity incidents and yet spend less time. More importantly we automatically can visually show the full scope of the attack campaign across the entire infrastructure.
  • Automate Responses– With Gurucul’s high-fidelity context-driven detection we build high-precision risk-scored responses within a playbook to reduce customization and deliver automated remediation capabilities. Whether delivered through our SOAR or integrations with the most popular SOAR products, we risk-rank prescriptive actions to eradicate the entire attack thereby drastically improving Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR).
  • Decrease Licensing and Logging Costs– Gurucul offers predictable user/entity-based pricing that provides better security observability, but scales predictably and without escalating costs. In addition, our ability to normalize and contextualize security alerts means we can reduce storage costs for incident response and forensics.

“Even during these tumultuous times, business application, software, service and product providers continued the industry’s long tradition of developing and marketing innovative solutions to meet business needs,” said SIIA President Jeff Joseph. “We are proud to recognize this year’s class of CODiE Award winners. They truly represent the best of the best in a highly-competitive and ever-evolving market.”

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, announced the full slate of CODiE winners during an online winner announcement June 8 in the metaverse.

Acknowledged as the premier awards program for the software and information industries for over 35 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards are produced by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software, education, media and digital content industries. Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM was honored as one of 46 winners across the 45 business technology categories, including seven leadership categories recognizing outstanding companies, individuals, and teams.

The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program. The first-round review of all nominees is conducted by software and business technology experts with considerable industry expertise, including analysts, media, bloggers, bankers, and investors. The scores from the expert judge review determine the finalists. SIIA members then vote on the finalist products, and the scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners.

Forty-three awards were given this year for products and services deployed specifically for B2B software, information, and media companies, including the Best Overall Business Technology Product, awarded to the product with the highest scores of both rounds of judging.

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