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Gurucul Next Generation SIEM

61% Average Analyst Time Saved

Drastically reduce overall operational expenses while improving efficiency of security operations with cloud SIEM as the foundation:

  • Get support for more data ingestion that is currently inhibited by licensing costs, heavy customization for new data sources, storage limitations, and poor analytics leading to too many alerts and false positives.
  • Reduce threat detection time from weeks or months to minutes or hours through automation.
  • Reduce manual effort through automation of tasks and prioritization of remediation actions with a rich level of context.
  • Improve analyst efficiency and accelerate training through open and transparent models, gathered context, and clear response recommendations leading to improved TCO.

Quickly identify and address new, emerging, and unknown threats that evade most rule-based ML solutions which rely on updates that could take weeks or months to develop.

Reduce Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenditures with predictable, asset-based licensing. Improve team efficiency and enable better training for junior analysts. Reduce burnout, churn, and need for resources.

Why Gurucul Next Generation SIEM

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