A is for Analytics
23 Jan: ABCs of UEBA: A is for Analytics

Welcome to our new blog series: ABCs of UEBA. This is not a blog series…

BLOG Outlier Categorical Model
14 Jan: Detect Merchant Fraud with “Outlier Categorical Model”

It can’t be over yet! Or can it? Our final model in the #MachineLearningMadness blog…

BLOG Identity Classification
08 Jan: Protect Classified Information with “Identity Classification”

Gurucul offers machine learning models to address many cyber security scenarios. Up next is… Gurucul…

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018
02 Jan: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

As we look back at 2018, let’s see which Gurucul blog posts had the most…

BLOG Incident Response
27 Dec: The Incident Response Army is Rapidly Growing

The first rule of any CISO/CSO is to have your Incident Response program, process and…

what is an insider threat?
19 Dec: What is an ‘Insider Threat’ and How Do We Detect Them?

Insider threats are the biggest cyber security issue for companies and big organizations because they…

BLOG Fraudsters
10 Dec: Fraudsters are Banks Chief Competition

Fraud is a massive problem: card not present, ID theft, synthetic ID, social engineering, phishing, real-time payment fraud, call center fraud, ATM fraud – the list goes on and on.

BLOG Link Analysis
01 Dec: Streamline Investigations with “Link Analysis”

Can’t get enough of Gurucul’s machine learning models? It definitely helps to put a name…

secure online shopping and fraud protection
26 Nov: Cyber Fraud Protection Tips for Secure Online Shopping

It’s 6 a.m. on Cyber Monday and your phone receives a text message from your…

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