Gurucul Risk AnalyticsTM (GRA)

Gurucul Risk AnalyticsTM (GRA) is a behavior based security analytics and intelligence platform on open choice of big data. GRA leverages over 1000 Machine Learning Models powered by data science to produce actionable risk intelligence. GRA does not rely on signatures, rules or patterns. It is intended – from the ground up – to identify zero-day threats and is designed to provide both contextual and situational awareness.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Gurucul UEBA uses a combination of machine learning algorithms, link analysis and policy to identify both known and unknown threats to your organization. Gurucul UEBA leverages over 1000 behavior models that can be customized using Gurucul Studio™ to meet your business needs. Gurucul UEBA enables organizations to predict, detect and act on Insider Threats, Network Behavior Anomalies (device, hosts, endpoints), Privileged Access Misuse, Compliance Violations and more.

Identity Analytics

Behavior-based machine learning for identity and access often results in radical reductions for accounts and access entitlements. Identity is a threat plane requiring identity and access data science that predicts and prevents security risks, assists with high privilege access monitoring, excess access, compliance, and intelligent provisioning. Use Gurucul’s Identity Analytics Platform to cleanse, manage, secure, and govern identities and their associated access to prized data and assets.

Fraud Analytics

Gurucul offers advanced security analytics platform that goes beyond the traditional rules-based detective controls and provides risk-based prescriptive security and fraud analytics solution. GRA platform leverages big data and advanced machine learning algorithms to prevent, detect and remediate Insider Threat, Access Outliers and Cyber Fraud in enterprise and cloud environments. Read our Fraud Analytics datasheet to understand how our product will help you detect and prevent financial fraud, healthcare fraud and retail fraud.

Cloud Security Analytics

Identity as a threat plane is further amplified by cloud apps to detect insider threats, account compromise and fraudulent activity. Cloud apps require both identity access intelligence and user behavior analytics to reduce the attack surface for accounts, unnecessary access rights and privileges, and identify, predict and prevent breaches. Machine learning data science provides full insight to cloud apps with contextual views of an identity, its access, and associated activity.


Create custom machine learning models without coding and minimal knowledge of data science. Gurucul STUDIOTM provides a step-by-step graphical interface to select attributes, train models, create baselines, set prediction thresholds and define feedback loops. STUDIOTM as part of Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) supports an open choice for big data and a flex data connector to ingest any on-premises or cloud data source for desired attributes. Step outside the black box and create custom models for your own predictive security analytics needs.

Gurucul MinerTM

Investigate incidents quickly with Gurucul MinerTM. Only Gurucul offers contextual search using big data to mine linked users, accounts, entitlements, structured and unstructured data, along with risk score and peer group analytics. From a single console, you can use any query you like to investigate incidents and correlate data across channels. You can save and export results for reporting and compliance purposes.

Gurucul INSIDER Program

The Gurucul INSIDER Program is focused on building a network of high-quality solution providers and value-added resellers (VARs) capable of delivering and supporting world-class user behavior analytics (UBA) and identity and access intelligence (IAI) solutions. Together, we will build a longterm profitable partnership. Becoming a Gurucul INSIDER, provides you with rewards and benefits to help grow your business.


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