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Gurucul Offers COVID-19 Cyber Risk Models Tailored with ML

In talking with our customers globally over the last few weeks, we understand how hard it is to secure an organization in this catastrophic time when the top priority is to protect lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented number of businesses to quickly change their long-standing limited remote work strategy. Most organization’s overall working behavior has changed almost overnight, leaving many critical traditional controls ineffective. To top it all off, cyber criminals are using this pandemic to increase their volume and severity of attacks at all levels.

Detecting Cyber Risks in a Borderless Work Environment

The borderless work environment introduces a new set of cybersecurity issues. Workers are logging into corporate networks from unsecure personal devices and networks. Traditional security measures won’t work in this new borderless emergency remote workforce state. Rules, policies and signatures are ineffective, and security teams do not have enough time to change or build new rules and threat patterns. The fastest and most efficient way to solve the problem with highest efficacy is by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform behavior analytics on this ‘new normal’ and identifying risky behaviors.

Researching COVID-19 Cyber Risk Threat Patterns

Gurucul has setup a Gurucul COVID-19 Threat Research Lab or GC-Lab as a dedicated team of analysts and data scientists who are researching COVID-19 Cyber Risk threat patterns with a customer consortium. GC-Lab has built a solution package specifically to address threats related to the majority of the workforce working remotely. This includes a dedicated dashboard and supervised models trained on the changes in behavior patterns seen over the last few weeks. It also provides unsupervised models pre-configured to use feature datasets for the most common and relevant data sources such as VPN, Email Gateway, DLP, AWS CloudTrail and Online Document Repository logs for services like Office 365 SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive or This solution package provides a significant jumpstart to put advanced threat detection controls in place to quickly adapt to these unforeseen changes in IT and the business landscape.

Securing Data with a Remote Workforce: A Complimentary Service

We believe it is our role and responsibility during this uncertain time to do anything and everything we can to help our community. We have decided to offer a free 30-day cloud service for Securing Data with a Remote Workforce, effective immediately with Gurucul SaaS. This includes expert assistance from our Gurucul Labs team, also at no cost.

With this service, companies will be able to get real-time risk prioritized actionable insights:

  • Get real-time insights into their data with a remote workforce
  • Identify users who are at risk from phishing attacks
  • Identify users accessing resources from untrusted or unsecure locations
  • Detect and stop data exfiltration
  • Highlight and prevent privileged access abuse
  • Identify users whose accounts may have been compromised
  • Detect and prevent account sharing

This is a heartfelt initiative to give back to the community. We welcome your questions or feedback about our COVID-19 cyber risk effort at


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