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Financial Services

Proactively Protect Financial Assets with Data-Science Driven Security Analytics

Gurucul knows financial institutions are a major target for cybercriminals. Whether attackers are targeting financial information, customer identities, or committing fraud, information security teams in the financial services industry have their work cut out for them. Gurucul knows what you’re up against. And we can help. With Gurucul Unified Security and Risk Analytics, you can:

  • Enhance real-time cyber threat management capabilities
  • Improve your ability to timely and accurately identify cyber threats
  • Maintain regulatory compliance for cyber threat detection

“Data science is fundamentally transforming cybersecurity. By establishing behavioral models and continuously measuring them against user actions, anomalies can be detected in real-time, without human intervention. The result is a better user experience for the customer and better security at a cheaper cost.”

Jim Routh

– Jim Routh

Head of Enterprise Information Risk, MassMutual

Drive Efficiency
  • Focus on the highest priority alerts with unified risk scoring
  • Improve effectiveness by leveraging integrated playbooks and orchestration tools (SOAR)
  • Integrate multiple Threat Intelligence feeds
  • Fuse Gurucul into your existing infrastructure seamlessly with multiple deployment options, including cloud, SaaS, and on-premises options
  • Scale to meet any organization’s need with unlimited data ingestion
icon-Create Value
Create Value
  • Consolidate and correlate alerts from existing security controls
  • Leverage correlated data from multiple tools into a force multiplier for Security Operations
  • Deliver real-time cybersecurity intelligence mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Gain context around the behavior of entities and assets to improve response
  • Quickly develop custom use-cases, rules, and models that are unique to your organization
icon-Mitigate Risk
Mitigate Risk
  • Apply advanced threat detection across multiple threat vectors
  • Discover unknown unknowns – catch previously unseen attack techniques
  • Improve compliance with cybersecurity regulations
  • Support data privacy and cross-border data access requirements
  • Improve remediation with event correlation and investigation tools

Key Platform Differentiators



Gurucul offers the Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform with multiple deployment options, including Cloud, virtualized, and appliance form factors.  USRA is platform agnostic for data storage, meaning organizations can use whatever big-data storage platform they choose rather than be bound to a proprietary database.



Gurucul can ingest data from virtually any source through its connector framework, including Flat File formats (CEF, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.), Relational Database, real time streams and API’s. Gurucul USRA can also accept activity data as a real-time stream.

User Experience

User Experience

Gurucul designed user interface to be flexible and intuitive, presenting a unified risk score for every entity in the environment, user or system, so the Security Operations team can identify the highest priority events and focus on them.  Gurucul consolidates myriad security tools into a single pane of glass to maximize effectiveness, improve efficiency, and enhance automated response.

Access Controls

Access Controls

Gurucul supports role-based access control, giving the organization granular control over the interface.



The Gurucul Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform supports a broad range of reporting options, including manual and automatic modes.  USRA comes with a range of pre-configured reports that cover a range of common reporting needs, and can deliver customized reports based on specific cases, incidents, and events.

Audit and Accountability

Audit and Accountability

Gurucul includes extensive auditing and accountability tools with the platform, letting Financial Services organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Top Financial Services Use Cases

Insider Threat Detection & Deterrence:
Insider threats can be especially difficult to counter in the Financial Services sector, but Gurucul Unified Security and Risk Analytics (URSA) leverages machine learning and a sea of correlated security information to find anomalies in user behavior that can indicate an internal threat. Trained on a massive database of real-world incidents, and constantly learning from the environment it’s protecting, URSA can identify risks before they become breaches.

Fraud Detection and Prevention:
Identify the behaviors associated with fraudulent transactions, whether they are from customer accounts or internal users.

Privileged Access Abuse:
Detect anomalous access to sensitive data which are not consistent with normal employee behavior (misusing permissions to perform malicious activity). These accounts are prone to social engineering and other theft techniques.

Regulatory Compliance:
Compliance with financial services regulations requires a broad range of tools and a coordinated approach that is facilitated by a unified security and risk analytics system.

Identity Protection:
Protect customer identity information and recognize attempts to use stolen identity information to create fraudulent accounts.

IMG-CS Financial Services Company

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