How are perimeter and ‘protect & detect’ defenses changing?

EAB video series # 2 (out of 6)

Hear cyber security leaders talk about changes in security solutions and how defending against attacks today is much different than before.
Comprehensive security solutions include end point, network, identity and access management pieces which now need user behavior analytics to evaluate how an identity is being used, how to reduce risk and where to give access. Organizations need to have solutions which easily show where the real threats are and how to get to them. It is also important to know how you react and recover when a breach happens.
Gurucul’s Risk Analytics (GRA) is a leader in user behavior analytics data science to surface unknown risks and threats; to learn more please
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What a name!

What a name!

GURUCUL (goo-roo-cool)  

The name Gurucul comes from Sanskrit (गुरुकुल). This word is a contraction of the Sanskrit word ‘guru’ which means teacher or expert and ‘cul’ means extended family or group. In ancient times this was the place of learning. As a security analytics company expertise and learning hold a very special meaning as it reflects in our name.